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RightNow CX integration for Twitter

RightNow CX integration for Twitter
RightNow CX integration for Twitter

RightNow CX integration for Twitter is an extension to Oracle RightNow Social Experience capabilities and enables the RightNow platform to instantly generate and distribute pre scripted response to queries / feedbacks posted by customers and consumers via Twitter.

Oracle RightNow Social Experience is part of the market – leading Oracle RightNow CX Cloud Service, which offers an integrated approach to customer experience. Oracle RightNow Social Experience enables brands to harness consumer influence and passion in service of the brand. From social media monitoring to branded online communities to a full-service Facebook experience, it is designed to extend experience to the places where consumers are learning, sharing, and buying across the social web. The RightNow CX makes it easy for agents to monitor and engage in relevant customer conversations as they emerge on Twitter, YouTube, RSS-enabled sites, Facebook fan pages, and your own community.

The CRM++ RightNow integration for Twitter includes a batch program to accumulate, scan and read tweets posted by consumers and customers for relevant keywords, compare and map it with RightNow knowledge base data, generate and distribute an appropriate response to the queries / feedbacks. The tweet response, includes, a solution URL that customer can navigate to, and re-tweet or reply for more information.

Tweets that fail to find an appropriate mapping or response within the RightNow Knowledge are tweeted back with a tweets a reference to a web form that can create an incident. Service agents can prioritize on responding to these incidents based on their SLA’s.

The Twitter integration for RightNow CX helps make it easy for agents to monitor, minimize their manual response and engage in relevant customer conversations as they emerge on Twitter. The solution helps build a thriving peer-to-peer support community empowering customers to help themselves, each other, and your organization.

The integrated solution helps companies to manage and maximize the customer experience through potential Twitter touch points. By aligning customer data from Twitter sources through RightNow CX, companies can assure that agents have the most accurate, up-to-date information to streamline the customer interaction process and improve the overall experience and results.

Customer experience is a set of perception; a customer has with a company throughout the buying and owning interactions. Positive Customer Experience (CX)s enable businesses to attract more, retain more, sell more, sell for more, and do more.

Little Nice Features From Oracle CRM On Demand Latest Release

Have you noticed these tiny little new features introduced recently in Oracle #CRMOD CRM On Demand?

  1. You can now set the related information format as Lists or Tab. When you set as Tab, here is how it looks. Is it not better than long scrolling list view? I prefer this. Make a note that this can be set as the Company level as well as at the Role Level. I didn’t notice an option yet for users to override it
  2. All these days you don’t have an option to restrict the “Search fields” by user role. Now you can. You can specify the fields for targeted search in definitions of “Search Layout” and then associate the search layout to the user role
  3. Now in the look-up window you can see the already defined “lists” appear over there at the top facilitating quick search using your predefined lists. Notice the list drop-down at the top of the look-up pop-up below

Provision these little good things for your users in your CRM On Demand.

Venkatesan Sundaram

Senior Director, CRMIT

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Cloud, From AT&T, IBM

Recently AT&T, IBM announced that they are going to share network to lure more customers to cloud. You can read more about this unique partnership from Bloomberg website :

We think this is a very interesting development in cloud market. The interesting part is the collaboration between a technology company and a phone carrier to bring cloud offerings to the consumer that is happening for a first time I believe.

One of the key issues in public cloud adoption is addressing security concerns of the Organization. Knowing AT&T’s growing medium and enterprise business in providing internet services, this partnership can make “private cloud” more compelling minimizing the concerns on security and connectivity. We foresee more such partnership in future.

Share your views!

Venkatesan Sundaram

Senior Director, CRMIT

5 CRM Case Studies From CRMIT

Five Case Studies from many of CRMIT ‘s successful CRM Implementation, in a delightful Infographic Format:

1. Manufacturing :

2. Engineering :

3. Insurance :

4. Banking :

5. Healthcare :

CRMIT celebrates its 9th Annual Event – Incline


It is our great pleasure to state that CRMIT, one of the fastest growing specialists in delivering CRM solutions, has successfully completed 9 years of its existence, since its inception on 16th of September, 2003. It was truly an endearing and a wonderful journey all these years with a right mix of achievements, milestones and above all a great future that beholds all the CRMITians. To mark this great occasion, the company has recently celebrated this annual event on September 28th at Ramee Guest Line Hotel with great pomp and gaiety. The event has been christened as Incline, a colloquial synonym to connote steady inclination of the company towards rapid growth after 9 years of its existence.

Recognizing the event as a great occasion to bond with one and all within the CRMIT family, associates along with their respective families gathered in large numbers at the company’s premises. A local transport was organized to ferry the employees to the venue from where they were escorted to a well decorated auditorium with great events lined up to unfold the occasion. Associates and guests were instantly spellbound by the two marvelous video presentations by some of the talented associates – one presentation highlighting the technological marvels and the other highlighting the CRMIT’s achievements all these years and a well chartered road map for its future. A true creativity at its fore coupled with technological prowess by a young and an energetic team!

The official event kicked off with the lighting of the lamp by the CEO and other senior management people including recitation of some holy Sanskrit verses. Mr. Vinod Reddy, the company’s CEO welcomed the associates and talked about the company’s vision, achievements and the futuristic goals that the company has embarked in the years to come. This inspirational speech by the CEO was followed by a couple of presentations from the respective departmental heads highlighting the achievements in the respective spheres of their activities, high level of employee engagements and above all the strategic initiatives, envisioned in the coming years. The next event that followed was the presentation of awards to some of the outstanding associates of the company, who have showed their mettle in their respective areas of expertise and have been great contributors to the overall growth of the organization. Overall, 34 winners have been announced under various award categories that truly signifies the company’s commitment to recognize employee excellence at all levels. Not to miss the fun element, there were some tidbits of fun interlaced to make the whole occasion a more joyful and engaging. This included some brain and fun games involving high level of proactive engagement from our associates.

After a sumptuous lunch treat, the second half of the event unfolded with some of the most creative fun games organized by well known event managers at the venue. Associates were segregated into various teams and each team was at its creative best to outplace the other team to win some goodies from the organizers. Last, but not the least, a musical event was organized by the DJs, who churned out some of the latest chartbusters. With high octane music reverberating through the floor, associates were at their best to shake their legs to showcase their dancing steps that synchronized with the background scores. With this last leg of celebration, the annual event came to a close with associates bidding goodbye to each other and craving to have much more fun in the years to come. Moving forward, a new bunch of youngsters would be taking over the reins of this event management to organize the next annual function, bringing in its fore much more fun, high levels of creativity and excellence.

CRMIT Independent Validation Services (Testing)

Testing has undergone a sea change in the last decade, particularly in the last few years. Today, Independent Validation / Testing is perceived as a major strategic tool for ensuring highest levels of quality assurance for the services rendered by an organization, which in turns acts as a precursor for driving optimum end user satisfaction.

We at CRMIT have established a Testing Centre of Excellence (T-CoE) that is dedicated exclusively for providing independent validation / testing services of highest order, which is aimed at enhancing and enriching the end user experience.

Our high level of competency and extensive experience in multiple domains on the CRM / CX front in testing large scale applications has placed us in a commanding position in the independent validation & certification eco-space.

Our testing methodology that is aligned to multiple development methodologies including Iterative / Agile development coupled with constant refinement of processes by incorporating inputs from our consultants, who understand the nuances of customers’ requirements from a quality, timelines & budget perspectives has put us in a client partnering position, when it comes to end user satisfaction.

Apart from Independent Integration & System Testing services following our stringent test strategy and planning to achieve a reliable & robust system, we also offer UAT (User Acceptance Testing) support in terms of providing full support to our client for adopting the right strategy and the process to ensure that the solution, which is being deployed, is functionally consistent and performs the way it is desired before it goes live.

Our core testing services are primarily focused in the following areas:

  • Test consulting – Test strategy and planning
  • Test execution (Integration testing, System testing)
  • UAT support
  • Test Automation (across the different lines of testing)

CRMIT’s testing philosophy:

  • Analyze and articulate/quantify the translated business value of the solution that is being implemented/deployed.
  • Analyze and focus on end user requirements (including implied requirements).
  • Implement the right testing strategy with the right resources having the “testing” mindset.
  • Provide the right infrastructure and use the right automation tool(s) to ensure effective testing across the different lines of testing.
  • Effectively execute testing within the defined time lines and budget.
  • Ensure optimization mechanisms are applied to offer wide range of cost-effective testing solutions.
  • Ensure loop back mechanisms for constant improvements in processes.

Oracle Open World – 2012

We take this opportunity to invite you to the OOW conference, where we will be showcasing our Oracle CRM implementation & solution offerings at this Global Oracle event.

Please visit us at booth no 3841, Moscone West to explore our Oracle Cloud CRM implementation services, a unique Health Check Offering, and to watch demos of CRM++ applications that are aimed to enhance the customer experience to new levels, while being highly adaptable, customizable and above all cost-effective.

CRMIT is a market specialist in delivering On Demand CRM solutions using Cloud Computing business model. As a global CRM services provider, CRMIT has more than 600 Man years of experience in the domain. Growing to a 200+ organization in the last 8 years, CRMIT has operations in APAC, Australia, EMEA, Europe, US and Japan.

Our deep expertise in the areas of Oracle Cloud CRM has fetched us a specialization status, and we are working with major customers across the globe to ensure they get the best value add from their CRM implementations.

CRMIT’s CRM health check offerings help businesses get the best results out of their Oracle CRM On Demand systems. We have a 3 stage process – Assessment, Analysis and Recommendation to understand, analyze and come up with suggestions to optimize your business results.

CRM++ applications have been developed by the R & D division of CRMIT as plug-ins for Oracle Cloud CRM solutions (CRM On Demand, Fusion CRM). With a high level of innovation coupled with excellent technical expertise, these plug-ins are aimed to add value to the existing CRM platforms and are easily adaptable for any industry.

You can learn more about our offerings @ OOW 2012. Come, explore and gain insights, Looking forward to meet you at the conference.

If you have any queries or would like to schedule an appointment with our representatives at OOW, reach us at