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Oracle CRM On Demand new release features

With new Fusion CRM in place, Oracle is still continuously innovating and improvising its existing Oracle CRM On Demand product as well and has rolled out many new features in its respective releases like R19, R20 and R21.

Each release demonstrates the Oracle’s commitment to ongoing innovation that introduces industry-leading capabilities to drive revenue, reduce costs, and improve the customer experience. The features introduced in these new releases are aimed to solve industry-specific pain points, while providing enhanced business value for the life sciences, insurance, financial services and automotive industries.

To know more about the features pertaining to each of the releases, click the following links:

R19 Features:

R20 Features:

R21 Features:

New Customer For CRM++ Quote and Order Management Solution

We are  happy to share the good news that CRMIT will implement our cutting edge CRM++ Quote and Order Management solution for Ambu, a leading healthcare services provider, based in Denmark. The application will be implemented in Ambu sites across UK and US.

CRM++ Quote and Order Management application from CRMIT offers Oracle CRM On Demand users a unified interface to take care of their fulfillment requirements. Quote and Order Management application is one of the CRM++ applications developed by CRMIT labs, a division of CRMIT that is dedicated to Research and Development for a better CRM ecosystem.

To know more about CRM++ Quote and Order Management solution, visit the below URL, or contact us at

New Customer For CRM++ Email Workbench

Great News! We just got the confirmation that CRMIT has won the opportunity to manage Email Service channels for a large global company, specializing in Visual Technologies. We will be deploying our CRM++ Email Workbench solution to this customer, and customizing it to their needs.

CRM++ Email Workbench (“EWB” in short) is one of the most successful products in our CRM++ suite. You can use the below link to know more about this product, watch a video and request for a demonstration / free trial :

Customer Feedback

What a way to start the day!

We just received this feedback from one of our clients (A major financial organization from South Africa) regarding an Oracle CRM On Demand (CRMOD) implementation we are doing for them, Wanted to share it with everyone:

I would just like to say that you guys have completely blown us away with your expertise and project management abilities. We are extremely happy and impressed with your services so far and we really would have no problem at all recommending you to any other organization in the country, as well as globally.

We are particularly impressed with your business knowledge of financial institutions and your ability to provide solutions based on many successful implementations.

Great implementations, happy customers, that’s what drives us everyday. Congrats to our delivery team and all the supporters. Looking forward to more!

Project News : Our First Oracle ODM Project Went Live!

This week, one of our major customers went live with Oracle On Demand Marketing (ODM) solution, along with Oracle CRM On Demand (CRMOD). This is our first ODM implementation and we are thrilled to see it going live, after seven months of exploration, innovative design and implementation!

Project Overview

Our customer is a well known management educational institution, based out of Europe, with campuses all around the world. They were looking for a tool that could actually facilitate them with their Sales as well as Marketing activities and provides an integrated approach. Their major challenge was the process of registration on their website and with their outbound emails, as these are some major channels of lead prospects for them.

To take care of these requirements, CRMIT proposed an approach where Oracle CRM On Demand and the newly introduced Oracle Marketing On Demand tools are used in combination. Main features implemented were Account / Contact Management, Campaign Management, Advanced Analytics, Integration with backend systems such as student database etc.,

During the deployment of this project, two main features that we made use of were, third party tagging and source capture integration. These actually improved the progress of keeping track of registrations, especially during special events that were planned by the institution. Now they create events in ODM directly, as per their requirement and take the advantage of this new tool to integrate all the new registrations with the website.

While ODM works in collaboration with CRMOD, CRMIT developed an additional tool called data duplication utility. This helps our client in locating duplicate leads and contacts to avoid unnecessary processing.


Even though CRMIT is very well versed in CRMOD, we had a learning curve with respect to ODM which is a very new tool. Additionally, our client required many integrations with their other business systems, which needed a flexible and scalable design, end to end testing and deployment. Our team was able to meet all these requirements in the accepted time frame / budget and the project is live now, we are all Thrilled to see it in action!