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Oracle CRM OnDemand – Alive and Kicking?

Oracle CRM OnDemand (CRMOD) Release 16 was my first encounter with a ready to use, complete End-to-End CRM application in a SaaS model, and its needless to say that I am biased towards this application. However, the reasons are not just personal; the application now in its 23rd release (with a roadmap to R24) has come a long way. It is a mature application and is as good as (if not better) most of the other offerings in the market.

But recent events in this space have raised doubts of the application’s life term. Many would argue that Oracle’s focus has shifted to the development and enhancement of fusion applications and Oracle CRMOD is on its way to retirement. While this is not entirely false, we still need to understand that the application is part of Oracle Sales Cloud and with its existing customer base, Oracle would find it difficult to move away from this product.

This is well substantiated by the recent enhancements and the fixes I have seen in the release 23. Oracle has delivered more than 35 enhancements with major themes being – Customer experience, Industry Innovation and Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). While the below screenshot shows the focus areas of Release 23, the roadmap for Release 24 is equally convincing.

CRMOD Release 23 features

R23 talks about integration with Oracle Social Relationship Management for Social engagement and monitoring and concentrated effort to build up the Life Sciences industry vertical for CRMOD. However, in this article, I would focus on the three most intriguing features (as per me) of Oracle CRMOD, their functionalities and recent enhancements.

1] Business Process Automation’: From updating a field to building complex validation rules, used for automating tasks which were painfully manual or for defining rules that control the application’s usage, Business Process automation module of CRMOD is probably the single biggest component in terms of impact towards the application adoption. A well defined and well configured Business process can ensure that your application is controlled and structured.

Oracle CRMOD provides a robust framework to establish these business processes. As a systems analyst, you can create innumerable combinations of Actions based on the triggers available. Think of any action below and combine with the trigger to define your process.

CRMOD Business Process

The predefined functions in Oracle CRMOD boasts of a comprehensive list, which when stitched together with the operators offered can help you define and configure the most complex of rules and processes.

R23 enhancements – With R23, one of the key features in business process management is that the function ‘JoinFieldValue’ (function to extract field value from another object) could potentially have any record as the source and any record as the destination. The source records were previously restricted to OOB objects and Custom Object 1, 2 & 3. This meant that while designing the system, we had to take into consideration this limitation. However, now you could map your business entities without thinking of this constraint.

CRMOD Keynote

2] Personalizing your Application’: Driven by its theme of ‘Customer Experience’ this section has seen a number of enhancements in the last few releases. The application though designed/configured globally in a certain way, provides the user the ability to control:

a) What they want see in the system &

b) How they want to see it

The list below (not limited to) highlights what users can control in the system, apart from being able to modify one’s personal information:

Application Personalizing with CRMOD

R23 enhancementsDynamic layout capability is one of the most sought after features in Oracle CRMOD. A feature not yet available in recently developed applications. Prior to R23, users could only add/remove related information sections for a layout and this did not impact the dynamic layouts. But R23, takes this a step further by giving users the option to personalize the layout with individual sets of related information, each set mapping to a driving value in the pick-list.

keynote R23 enhancement of CRMOD

3] Ad-hoc Actionable Analytics’: Oracle CRMOD is powered with a light weight yet robust analytics engine. Having worked with multiple applications, I can confidently say that the reporting capability of CRMOD is more powerful than most of the competitive software available in the market. I like to use the phrase ‘Ad-hoc Actionable Analytics’ because with limited training, users with the right privileges could create meaningful reports and dashboards on the fly.

Business scenario* – “Head of a wholesale banking business unit wants to know the overdue opportunities by industry but at the same time wants to find out why the opportunities has not been closed” *- Screens shown below are for demonstrative purposes only and may not  relate to real time scenarios

Oracle CRMOD provides a 3 step solution to this requirement:

A)     1st Level Dashboard Statistics :: Identify the Area of Concern

1st Level Dashboard Statistics for CRMOD

B)      2nd Level List of items :: Get More Information

DAP detail report of CRMOD

C)      3rd Level Record view :: Take Action

Account plan detail of CRMOD

R23 enhancements – Apart from support from multiple languages in analytics and introduction of some important subject areas, Release 23 brings in a personalization of Dashboards for user roles. Administrators could previously remove pre-built dashboards, but now you can customize and sort the display of dashboards.

R23 enhancement CRMOD

Oracle CRM OnDemand, is a critical piece in the Oracle Cloud applications suite. It may not be the Primary Focus and preference but it is not going to retire anytime soon. As per me, Oracle has every reason to continue its enhancements and support for the next two years at least, which is quite a long time in any application’s life. Oracle CRMOD is here to stay and is very much ‘Alive and kicking’!!

Pratik Bajaj
Principal Business Consultant – CRM & CX.
CRMIT Solutions


CRMIT @ Oracle Day

CRMIT participated in the recent “Oracle Day” at Oracle HQ. Here are some highlights, recorded by our Regional Sales Director Mr. Raj Badoni:

  • Focus was on Oracle’s complete HW & SW stack : engineered systems, and cloud
  • Exadata, Exalogic, Exalytics, Enterprise Manager, Oracle Cloud, Big Data, Fusion
  • IT investments/spent growing from maintaining services to innovation
  • 2/3rd of world growth will come from emerging markets, not matured industrialized economies like US
  • 71% of companies say that innovation is the #1 factor in competitiveness, but 70% to 90% of companies don’t use IT to its full potential
  • In 2011, IT spending distribution was : 66% to run business, 20% to grow business, and 14% to transform business
  • Fusion Apps goal for end user : What do you need to know, Who can help you, How do you get it done
  • Exalogic elastic cloud : fastest for java and Oracle apps.
  • Cloud : public, private, OnPremise, hybrid
  • Spending on SaaS is projected to double by 2014, and PaaS will triple by 2014
  • Embedded intelligence : OBI apps, Dashboards, Analytics, Innovative reporting
  • Enterprise apps focus : ERP, HCM, CRM, SCM, GRC, EPM
  • Apps platform : BI, Content management, SOA & Process management, User experience, Identity & Access, Dev tools
  • CY2012 releases : Fusion V1.x, Hyperion EMP 11.x, E-Business Suite 12.x, PeopleSoft 9.x, JDE E19.x, ValueChain 12.x, Agile 9.x, OPA 10.x, Siebel CRM 8.x, E-Billing 6.x, CRMOD Marketing 5.x, CRM & Contact on Demand 19+
  • 100+ Fusion Apps modules : CRM, Financial management, HCM, Project portfolio management, Procurement, Supply Chain Management, Government Risk & Compliance
  • CRM : Customer master, Sales, Marketing, Incentive compensation, Mobile & Outlook integration, Territory & quota management, Integrated BI, Social and extensibility
  • Fusion with embedded social, embedded BI, and on mobile
  • Fusion middleware : Coherence, WebLogic server, Tuxedo : cloud application foundation

Project News : Our First Oracle ODM Project Went Live!

This week, one of our major customers went live with Oracle On Demand Marketing (ODM) solution, along with Oracle CRM On Demand (CRMOD). This is our first ODM implementation and we are thrilled to see it going live, after seven months of exploration, innovative design and implementation!

Project Overview

Our customer is a well known management educational institution, based out of Europe, with campuses all around the world. They were looking for a tool that could actually facilitate them with their Sales as well as Marketing activities and provides an integrated approach. Their major challenge was the process of registration on their website and with their outbound emails, as these are some major channels of lead prospects for them.

To take care of these requirements, CRMIT proposed an approach where Oracle CRM On Demand and the newly introduced Oracle Marketing On Demand tools are used in combination. Main features implemented were Account / Contact Management, Campaign Management, Advanced Analytics, Integration with backend systems such as student database etc.,

During the deployment of this project, two main features that we made use of were, third party tagging and source capture integration. These actually improved the progress of keeping track of registrations, especially during special events that were planned by the institution. Now they create events in ODM directly, as per their requirement and take the advantage of this new tool to integrate all the new registrations with the website.

While ODM works in collaboration with CRMOD, CRMIT developed an additional tool called data duplication utility. This helps our client in locating duplicate leads and contacts to avoid unnecessary processing.


Even though CRMIT is very well versed in CRMOD, we had a learning curve with respect to ODM which is a very new tool. Additionally, our client required many integrations with their other business systems, which needed a flexible and scalable design, end to end testing and deployment. Our team was able to meet all these requirements in the accepted time frame / budget and the project is live now, we are all Thrilled to see it in action!