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Nokia Developer Day 2012

We attended the Nokia Developer Day 2012 Event, held at Bangalore, India on 7th August 2012. It was an eventful day with Very interesting presentations from Nokia and Microsoft, and the keynote address was delivered by President and CEO of Nokia, Mr. Stephen Elop.

For those who couldn’t attend this event, sharing our notes from this event, in Mind Map format. This covers various topics such as Nokia’s current strategies, Microsoft Windows 8 Mobile, Mobile Developer best practices, Nokia’s Location platform “Where” and more…

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CRMIT’s Best Selling Productivity Applications for CRM On Demand

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When one thinks about high-performance indicators within business verticals, two factors that always stand out are customer satisfaction and experience. Effectively answering all emails including service requests, complaints, grievances, appreciations and even requests for more business is critical to have a satisfied customer base. Likewise, promoting collaboration among CRM users and making it easy for them to work together with CRM On Demand via android phones is equally significant.

CRMIT, an Oracle ISV and one of the leading CRM On-Demand System Integrators in APAC, has
developed mCRM for Android, Social CRM++ and Email Workbench. These applications facilitate
customer relationship management and data in a well organized and process centric way.

mCRM for Android
mCRM for Android is an application offered by CRMIT that allows users to manage their Oracle CRM
On-Demand data at their fingertips. It not only provides an easy access to key customer information,
but it also allows viewing and editing the information, as per requirement.

It can be downloaded and installed from the android market and one can directly login with their
CRMOD username and password. And, if you choose to bring mCRM for Android into play, you get
real time access to customer information. Moreover, checking currently viewed data and task
appointments becomes a pushover.

Social CRM++
Social CRM++ has evolved as a back-end system for managing customer relationships and data in a
very efficient and process-centric manner. Social CRM++ for customer service has the potential to
bring new and dynamic methods for improving customer service, and in doing so, it is creating
opportunities for new and existing providers.

This cloud ready On-Demand solution connects CRM users seamlessly and improves collaboration
between them without loss of confidential information. Without logging into external systems or
signing up, one can draw on social CRM++ and can post text files and links to other CRMOD users of
the organization. It not only increases interaction between users, but is also easily available in
multiple deployment models.
Email Workbench
CRMIT’s Email Workbench solution is a Web based plug-in that solves the great puzzle of CRM –
Email Co-existence. This SaaS based component allows Service Organizations to work in a single
window and also helps to send, receive and process E-mails from customers in a centralized way. So,
with Email Workbench one is always assured of improved issue tracking and quicker response times,
irrespective of which individual is working on a particular problem.

When a customer sends an email, a service request is created and service representatives can directly
reply from CRMOD, without using an external mail client. One can reply again for creating an open
activity. With this efficient plug-in, emails are automatically converted to service requests, response
time is quick and tracking of issues becomes better.

To see CRM++ Email Workbench in action, view this YouTube Video:

Oracle Fusion CRM : New Features

Already being delivered as a comprehensive suite of modular applications, Oracle Fusion apps are enriched with the potential of coexisting with existing Oracle apps. This pioneered advancement not only matches the current business needs and improves efficacy of the existing system, but also ensures a new level of performance. Here are some new features of Fusion CRM that are worth sharing…

Customizable Dashboards: Are you facing problems in finding specific insight to data that you need? If yes Fusion CRM has a solution for you. It allows you to simply customize your sales dashboards with smarter reports. Know more about this feature by just following this You tube video link

Contact Data Quality: Can you keep bad data from bugging down your CRM system? With fusion CRM it is possible. From automatically validating the record to checking records for duplicate data, Fusion CRM does it all. To find how Fusion CRM built in data management dashboard helps with ongoing data cleansing and taking immediate corrective action , click here

Native Outlook Client: Is your sales team double entering customer interactions or not entering them at all? Fusion CRM has a true outlook plug-in that avoids manually entering information from outlook to CRM. All you need to do is create your mail in outlook and share it with fusion CRM automatically. Know more about how to make better communication and coordination with the team, by just clicking here

Native Mobile App: Do you need to work with your customer data away from your laptop. Fusion CRM lets you sell smarter wherever you are. You can simply use fusion mobile to access contacts, accounts and opportunities. To know how, view this You Tube video

Customizations Made Simple: Do you need IT help for customizations? With Fusion CRM you can tailor the system without waiting for IT. Follow this link and know how this new feature can assist you all the way.

Territory Management: Assigning territory offline always creates gaps and overlaps, thus preventing you from maximizing your revenue. But with Fusion CRM you can model your territories right within the system. Know more about deploying your territories with confidence by clicking this video link

Sales Coach: How do you make every sales performer a top performer? Well, Fusion CRM coaches every representative with your best practices. Click here to know how reps can continue getting best practice sales that can coach all the way through to close

Opportunity Landscape: Are you spending too much on prospecting? Fusion CRM allows you to keep a check on lead quality and aging. So, to learn how this new feature facilitates with less prospecting and more selling, just follow the link here

Integrated Sales Contracts: Is completing your contract harder than selling? Fusion CRM allows your sales people to create contract faster. It makes it simple to preview contracts and generate printable version for the customers. Follow the link to know how you can also be freed from delays, thus leaving you more time to sell

Chitti babu & Charu Mehta,

CRM Consultants, CRMIT

Launching mCRM for Android

mCRM from CRMIT takes you closer to your customer by bringing Oracle CRM On Demand data
to your finger tips. Find what you need, when you need it by installing this application on your
android smart phones/tablets. mCRM for Android enables your teams to work productively on the
road by accessing the customer information anywhere, anytime.
mCRM for Android is designed to work 100% offline,
and you can synchronize all additions / changes to Oracle CRM On Demand once you get connected.

Visual Navigation Of Customer Support Calls

Today I noticed an interesting question in Quora ( about Visual Navigation of Customer Support Calls

How long will it be until I can navigate automated customer service calls visually?
My phone has a screen on it. I don’t want to listen carefully to your menu options, even if they have recently changed.

Very interesting scenario. I responded with an answer like this. What are your thoughts?

Ah, super practical question, Why not?

But technically, I think there are HUGE challenges, Even with sophisticated Computer Telephony Integrations in place, Voice based calls and kept separate from data transfer, hence using a smart phone to handle both voice and data (choices for you to choose from) is difficult, at least as of today.

So, the immediate options seem to be:

1. Pure voice (Current system which you described)
2. Pure data (Use a Website / PC to log your tickets)
3. Voice and data (iPhone / Android / Blackberry app where calls can be made and menu options can be ‘download’ed on the fly so that you can choose from there, instead of listening, use Voice only for talking, not for hearing / choosing)

Future option:

Make a voice call : get the menu options as a data back to your phone : Dynamic display : Choose : Speak / Act

On second thoughts, there are few phone apps which do this already, isn’t it? For example, the app used to query for balance in a prepaid account? If Phone companies can extend it to call centers too, it will be a good start!

Once the telephony system is there to support this, CRM systems can provide a much better navigation for phone users, depending on which device they are using

Naga Chokkanathan, Director (Innovation), CRMIT

Pricing Models For Android Enterprise Applications

Last November, our Senior Director Naga Chokkanathan presented a session in “Droidcon 2011” Event, which is world’s largest series of Android conferences. His speech is now available as a video, Thanks to Droidcon Team.

To view the 38 minutes video in youtube, use this link :

To view the slides :

Evernote Hello : A Personal CRM

I’m sure many of us encounter memory loss incidents either at a social gathering, shopping where we see a familiar person. It takes us time to recollect who they are and where we have met them. In this process we either do not step forward to communicate with that person or even if we dare to confront, spur of moment we tend to forget their name or other personal details about them. This could either be a good one or land up being unpleasant if the person doesn’t remember you or vice versa.

In view of this, Evernote Corporation developed an application that allows smart phone users to capture and record information on their devices. How it works is very simple, May be the developers based the ever note after watching the movie ‘memento’, where in the main character has a short term memory loss and starts clicking pictures of people on his Polaroid to know whom he has to associate with and pens down how he is associated with the person.

This app (called “Evernote Hello” : ) is almost on similar lines, the only difference being that it is digitally saved and note could be a piece of formatted text, a full webpage, a photograph, a voice memo, or a handwritten ink note. Notes can also have file attachments. Notes can then be sorted into folders, tagged, annotated, edited, given comments, searched and exported as part of a notebook. The whole application as such enables one to maintain a very cordial relationship with another person that they encounter during a short period of time.

From a business perspective this application serves as a wonderful app to remember clients/customers/suppliers/vendors etc. It actually more or less brings out the professional side by even sending a mail after the initial encounter with the customer. It is like a business card confirmation that is sent across. When encountering your customer or client during non business hours there are chances of building an excellent rapport with the customer by recollecting their past encounter etc. This over a period of time acts as a catalyst for arriving at business proposals or even sharing information across organizations. This more or less like a personal CRM app for business users who can keep a record of people they meet on the move.

However there are certain limitations to the application, how many us actually make it a point to keep doing this over a period of time and keep asking people whom we meet to enter their information. What if the person is not so sociable and doesn’t like being photographed?

The other drawback is the automated mail that is sent when adding the person. It could actually disturb the person and could change his impression as it could sound too pushy and obnoxious. Additionally it has a limitation for the free version which is advertising supported, has limited storage of only 60 MB and has a usage meter and cannot be used offline.

But going with the numbers there are over 11 million users as of July 2011, this goes to show how useful the app is and also shows how well the app developers have researched their way to develop such an app realizing that most of us do tend to forget people that we meet in a short duration.

– Deepalakshmi Subramanian

You can download this Free App for your iPhone here:





Service Feedback Case Study:

A small case study on collecting “Service Feedback”, by our Senior Director Naga Chokkanathan: is a very famous Indian portal for booking bus tickets. It got (and continues to get) lot of media publicity (mostly free) and as a result, grew from an unknown entity to a well known and trusted brand in a very short time frame.

In the last few months, I heard great things about Redbus via various sources (Newspapers, Television Channels, Magazines, Friends, Relatives, Social Media Pals etc.,) but never had a chance to use their website, mainly because of two reasons : 1. I prefer train travel’s comforts 2. Few years back I had some VERY BAD experience with private bus operators, and decided never to go back.

However, two weeks back, I was forced to travel by bus because train tickets were not available on the day I wanted to travel. With zero motivation / interest, I went to

To cut a long story short, I loved RedBus website, very little content, but presented in the manner that makes sense to the end user, No gimmicks, wonderful interfaces which are intuitive and make the booking process very fast, Integration with almost all popular payment channels, discount coupons, cash vouchers, SMS confirmation, Email Confirmation, Mobile Ticketing… It had everything!

So, I booked my first RedBus ticket, traveled in a private bus after many years, and next day morning, I got an Email, with a subject line “How was your travel?”

It was a mail from asking for feedback about my travel, with a personalized link to a very short form, which took just one or two minutes for me to fill, Nice!

But the best part is, the way Redbus uses this feedback data. They collect this information and decide on the rankings for various bus operators. For example, “xyz travels” may have a 4 star rating, and “abc travels” may have a 2 star rating. Next time when someone else books a ticket, they will know who is more reliable, punctual and providing a better service / care to the travelers.

More than any other feature, this impressed me the most. As I told earlier, I had very bad experience with few bus operators and Redbus is helping me avoid them, by collecting feedback from all its travelers. As long as people take that one or two minutes to fill out the feedback form, the social ranking system will ensure that good operators get more business and bad people are ignored, even if they sell tickets and cheap rates, People won’t have bad experiences anymore (hopefully!)

Also, this forces the bus operators to improve. They can’t rest on their laurels and continuously keep the service level high, else, they miss the online business, which is growing everyday.

Good job Redbus, This feedback system is a primary differentiator between you and all other retail sites / eStores out there in India.

As a CRM consultant, I can see the value in this huge data Redbus is collecting, wanted to share some feedback about how they can improve this in future:

1. In India, there are more indirect internet users, than direct. What I mean is, many people just ask their son or daughter or neighbor to just ‘book a ticket for me’. They may never use, but they are the ones who travel in those tickets booked

2. Hence, feedback has to be collected in two ways: Redbus Experience Feedback (From the person who booked the ticket) and Travel Experience Feedback (From the person who traveled), In some cases both may be same, but the current form assumes they are always the same, which is wrong

3. To solve this problem, Redbus can consider this:

  • While booking a ticket, ask for the mobile number of at least one passenger
  • After the travel is completed, send an Email to the person who booked the ticket ( member), and an SMS to the person who traveled (Passenger)
  • Email system is similar to what they have today, but it will only collect Redbus experience feedback
  • SMS system will given them two toll free numbers, one for bad feedback and one for good feedback, If they liked the travel, they can call the good feedback system, Else, they can call the bad feedback system, where they can also register (in their own voice) why they didn’t like it
  • This system ensures that Passengers can give the feedback even if they are not internet savvy. They needn’t type a feedback, they can speak, if possible in their own mother tongue (Not all Redbus users speak English, FYI!)

4. I opened the feedback Email in my iPhone and clicked on the link, it took me to home page. Looks like I need to go to my PC and fill the feedback, This not the right way, When someone is taking pains to click on the feedback link in their phone, it is better we respect them and collect the feedback then and there, no one will click that link twice (After all, giving feedback is work without any immediate benefits to me )

5. I am not sure if Redbus does it, but they should phase out bus operators who get bad feedback on a regular basis, or give them a time-frame (say “improve in 6 months, else get out”). This makes sure there is a healthy competition among bus operators to stay in database. (Of course, will lose some business because of this, but in the long run, it will become a gold standard for excellence in bus travel!)

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Is Microsoft going to survive the macro hard times?

An article by our CRM Consultant Sai Ratnakar Bezawada on Microsoft’s Mobile / Smart Phone Operating System Strategy:

Shopping for a mobile was never an easy decision since its inception, now with rapid technological advancements in the smart phone market there are a number of mobile applications being developed everyday and published to make life simpler and easier. Some of the apps can do almost any miniscule task that one could actually do by maintaining a pocket diary (of course a decade ago). However mobile makers haven’t realized that the decision making to purchase is getting even tougher.

With most of mobile companies are at loggerheads with each other, does a late entrant giant like Microsoft stand a chance to survive the litmus test?

I was fortunate to attend the closed door Microsoft windows mobile leadership event last weekend at Microsoft, Bangalore. The main idea behind the meet was to suggest an idea to what Microsoft could best do and how best they can penetrate their newly developed mobile OS product into the market. Surprisingly almost all of the attendees were developers, app designers and some of them design mobile applications as a hobby.

The meeting began with the sales director of Microsoft (India) explaining the OS and usability features of the phone and its features. The promotions that they were using in India was very interesting. the idea was to develop mobile apps on the windows mobile and get a free windows phone from Microsoft!

If you are an app developer in a competing technology (like Apple iPhone or Android), it is relatively easier to grab a free Windows phone. All you have to do is, port any 2 of your existing mobile phone apps from the competing technology to Windows Phone app. It is obvious that Microsoft is trying to attract Android and iPhone app developers into the Windows Phone app development and if you are a woman, it is the best part of the free phone deal. Woman app developers can walk away with a free Windows phone from Microsoft by developing just one qualifying Windows Phone app. I believe this is a limited offer available only to the first 100 women developers unfortunately. However in simple terms, all this would constitute legal app poaching.

The discussion was more technology driven and ended with the meeting not justifying the intent. However, while the Windows OS, being the latest software which is still in the process of creating a space for itself in the market, it is really going to be an uphill task for Microsoft to survive the competition, especially after tying up with a hardware manufacturer Nokia which has a dwindled market share to below 30% in the mobile market.

In conclusion, it is really hard to predict Microsoft as this could be also be the revival of the phoenix as Microsoft has stood through the test of time.

mCRM @ Mid Day

Our CRM++ application mCRM (for Android) is covered in a special article in “Mid Day” Newspaper from India. You can read the article in this link :

Android users, you can  download our “mCRM Lite” Free application from this URL (Or simply search for “mCRM” in the Market Application from your Mobile Phone) :

We have released another free Android Application called “mSCM”. You can read more / download this application from this URL :

If you are interested in previewing or purchasing mCRM for Android Full Version, or a customized version to suit your requirements, feel free to contact us at