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Spotlight on CRM++ Email Workbench

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Improving User Adoption with CRM++ Email Workbench

When we think about high-performance indicators within business verticals, two factors stand out: customer satisfaction and experience. Importance of efficiently answering Emails (which may actually be service requests, complaints, grievances, appreciations, request for more business and so on) coming from customers cannot be overstated. This forms an interesting divide: Emails Vs CRM Records!

As of now, Email Messages sent to customers and responses received from them are updated manually in CRM System by the corresponding Owners (Sales Executives, Service Reps etc.,), Means, unnecessary human intervention and possible errors. What if a new service issues from customers is not converted to a service request? No one will start working on it immediately and there is a possibility of missing the SLA and penalties attached to it.

In addition to this, quick response time and a direct impact on the end user satisfaction being critical factors, manual conversion led to a redundant delay in response time.


Developed by CRMIT, an Oracle Gold Partner specialized in CRM On Demand, CRM++ Email Workbench is a Web based plug-in designed to solve the puzzle of CRM : Email Co-existence. CRM++ Email Workbench allows Sales and Service Organizations to work in a single window: the CRM system. Employees needn’t switch between CRM and Email Windows anymore, all incoming and outgoing Emails are handled by Email Workbench in the background!

As the CRM system knows about all this communication, this leads to better tracking of issues and quicker response times, irrespective of which individual is working on a particular problem.

CRM++ Email Workbench automatically tracks all e-mails (including attachments) and converts them to Service Requests / Leads / Opportunities / Other in your Oracle CRM On Demand system. From that point, CRM users can respond to these mails, without ever leaving their CRM screen. This will ultimately result in faster response times, improved customer service and satisfaction.

To see CRM++ Email Workbench in action, view this YouTube Video

Innovative Newsletter

Recently I got an Email Newsletter which had this subject line : “What To Do With Your Riches From The Facebook IPO?”

Obviously, I am not going to get any riches from the Facebook IPO, so I got curious who is writing to me with such a SPAMish, yet cheeky subject line. I started reading this mail immediately (Very rare, for a mass distributed mail!).

The mail was as interesting as the subject line. It went like this : (Edited slightly, to skip some unnecessary details)


As you may know, there are over a few thousand new millionaires in the Bay Area this afternoon. You may want a few ways to spend that cool million that may have just landed in your lap.

Here’s my advice on things you can do with your newfound nest-egg:

1. Open a Jazzercise studio

2. Take a few hundred friends on the Kiss Kruise

4. Get a butler for the next 15 years

5. Buy a medium-sized island

9. Purchase 4 Manhattan parking spots

10. Call my financial advisor to turn it into a cool 1.1 million.


P.S. Just in case you didn’t make a windfall in this IPO, feel free to grab yourself a no-cost 30-day trial silver membership in our Community so you don’t miss the next big thing in social CRM.

Brilliant mail. Puts things in the right perspective, in a humor filled style and sticks immediately:

  • The mail talks about something real, recent and big. You would have read about Facebook IPO somewhere or heard about it in the news. So you would immediately connect with this mail
  • Those ideas are super fun (and real, I assume)
  • Unlike other SPAM mails, this mail may be ‘real’ for few people, if they were associated with Facebook in its early days and got some shares
  • So, what if you are not one of those lucky fellows? No problem, join our Social CRM community and you will make millions in the next big IPO, because we are going to teach you how to spot such good eggs early
  • If the same message is presented without all this additional drama, it would have become a routine text and ignored, most likely

Once again, let me use the ‘Brilliant’ word here. This is as personal and effective a mass circulated newsletter can get. Love it!

Naga Chokkanathan

Director, Presales & Innovation, CRMIT

PS: The mail was from Author of “The Social Customer”, Adam Metz on behalf of his company Metz Consulting. Well done team!

More Leads = More Sales?

Does Generating More Leads Help With Better Sales Revenue?

With the economy being so tough and buyers taking too long for making purchasing decisions, most businesses are becoming too concerned about selling products and services. And as per the generic approach, “More Leads = More Opportunities” people are busy populating the pipelines with leads, in a hope that some will turn into sales. But is it really worth? Let’s see…

What is the Logic?

The logic says that if you are flooding sales representatives with more of leads and above all they are of low quality, then situations may go worse. But in point of fact, companies are just wasting whole lot of cash on marketing and high volume lead generation practices. Moreover, the leads generated this way are of a very poor quality and fail to offer ROI.

On the contrary, sales representatives working with fewer leads, but of high quality results in better output in terms of focusing on probable buyers. This not only increases efficiency and pulls in fewer resources, but also funnels the best prospects for the company. But in most scenarios, businesses look for short term leads in order to get immediate results and sometimes, this result in a probability to lose a promising lead. So, when prospects tend to stretch the buy cycle and make purchasing decisions in a time-consuming fashion, developing long term leads can prove very helpful.

How To Find Higher Value Prospects

Most of the companies segment leads according to verticals, annual revenue, employee headcount and similar features, which can be then tested to have the highest responders. Further segmentation can be done for short term and long term prospects as soon as the contacts are introduced and therefore, it is important to note that “I am not interested” means “I am not interested at this point of time, may be later.”

Additionally, touching prospects repeatedly overtime is very crucial. So, some mixture of media, voice mail messages, quality outbound calls or may be direct mails can facilitate in increasing the chances of reaching promising leads. Creating an impact on decision makers can be done through multi-touch multimedia campaigns, as they build familiarity and target these decision makers at time when they actually need solutions.

But with the changing business climate and difficulties getting even harder while hitting sales numbers, companies need to focus on their strategic practices, because working smarter is the only key to success.

This is where CRM Applications help a lot. A right CRM, customized to your sales processes will do a world of good in terms of filtering out noise and identifying high value leads and to spend your time in an efficient manner, resulting in more closures, irrespective of how big or small your original lead count is.

Charu Mehta, CRMIT

Evernote Hello : A Personal CRM

I’m sure many of us encounter memory loss incidents either at a social gathering, shopping where we see a familiar person. It takes us time to recollect who they are and where we have met them. In this process we either do not step forward to communicate with that person or even if we dare to confront, spur of moment we tend to forget their name or other personal details about them. This could either be a good one or land up being unpleasant if the person doesn’t remember you or vice versa.

In view of this, Evernote Corporation developed an application that allows smart phone users to capture and record information on their devices. How it works is very simple, May be the developers based the ever note after watching the movie ‘memento’, where in the main character has a short term memory loss and starts clicking pictures of people on his Polaroid to know whom he has to associate with and pens down how he is associated with the person.

This app (called “Evernote Hello” : ) is almost on similar lines, the only difference being that it is digitally saved and note could be a piece of formatted text, a full webpage, a photograph, a voice memo, or a handwritten ink note. Notes can also have file attachments. Notes can then be sorted into folders, tagged, annotated, edited, given comments, searched and exported as part of a notebook. The whole application as such enables one to maintain a very cordial relationship with another person that they encounter during a short period of time.

From a business perspective this application serves as a wonderful app to remember clients/customers/suppliers/vendors etc. It actually more or less brings out the professional side by even sending a mail after the initial encounter with the customer. It is like a business card confirmation that is sent across. When encountering your customer or client during non business hours there are chances of building an excellent rapport with the customer by recollecting their past encounter etc. This over a period of time acts as a catalyst for arriving at business proposals or even sharing information across organizations. This more or less like a personal CRM app for business users who can keep a record of people they meet on the move.

However there are certain limitations to the application, how many us actually make it a point to keep doing this over a period of time and keep asking people whom we meet to enter their information. What if the person is not so sociable and doesn’t like being photographed?

The other drawback is the automated mail that is sent when adding the person. It could actually disturb the person and could change his impression as it could sound too pushy and obnoxious. Additionally it has a limitation for the free version which is advertising supported, has limited storage of only 60 MB and has a usage meter and cannot be used offline.

But going with the numbers there are over 11 million users as of July 2011, this goes to show how useful the app is and also shows how well the app developers have researched their way to develop such an app realizing that most of us do tend to forget people that we meet in a short duration.

– Deepalakshmi Subramanian

You can download this Free App for your iPhone here:






Communication is a constant problem for any company. Even if you are proactive and send the right message at the right time, what is the assurance that people will actually read it? There are many problems that get created because customers just miss to read important messages.

We can’t blame them too, they are suffering from information overload (like all of us) and there is every possibility that they will miss your messages, especially sales messages 😉

Hence, the trick is, to use visualization to a great extend. Instead of a long text (Which can always come later), use a picture or two to attract the attention of customers and then give them your message, This simple trick improves the hit rate to a great extend.

For example, this is the image used by ICICI Bank (from India) to inform its customers about their extended hours option, Beautiful illustration which anybody will understand, and makes an immediate impact, isn’t it?

What can we do to visualize your marketing / sales / service messages? Any other tricks you can share?

Too Many Links?

You may be aware that CRMIT is very active in Twitter and Facebook. Everyday we post tons of interesting links about CRM / Social Media / SaaS and related topics. (Psst: If you are not following us in Twitter / Facebook, you are missing some solid knowledge base about latest CRM happenings, Go ahead and follow us, Thanks in advance!)

While we were doing a good job in collecting and posting interesting CRM reading materials, we were making a huge mistake too. We used to collect these links via various channels and post them together at one go. Means, lots of links updated in a matter of two or three minutes, and then no links for next 23 hours or so. Bad idea!

Our CRM Consultant Mr. Surya pointed out this mistake to us. His comments were:

What is the objective of having 10 posts in 1 min in my Facebook page, all posted by CRMIT? Too much info. I prefer to skip them. Doesn’t matter how good they are.

He is right. We learnt a very valuable lesson today, Social Media updates are important, but they should never be posted in one go. That looks like just dumping links, not sharing / starting a discussion. Also, when you post everything in one go and remain silent for rest of the day, you are not really ‘Social’. Are you?

So what is the solution? Should we post only one or two links an hour? Schedule our links to appear automatically every hour? That is something we are yet to figure out, but the message is loud and clear: no information overloading, especially in Social Media which is already overloaded!