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CRMOD Safari @ Africa

One of our biggest customers in African region went live this week. Great to see them running their insurance sales processes using Oracle CRM On Demand #CRMOD customized and implemented by our wonderful team.

As always, our customer sent these bouquets of appreciation about our work, Sharing the excitement with you:


We went live yesterday with our Sales Force Automation project using CRM on Demand.

Whilst this project had its typical challenges, the overall experience has been very good, the objectives of this initial phase have been achieved and particularly, we are very motivated and excited about this journey. I particularly wanted to thank those people who worked hard to support this initiative and ensure its success and also wanted to give you a view of how we are embracing this solution and the change it precipitates.


I know this was a demanding project for you and had its moments of conflict and stress with tight timelines. It’s exciting to see the hard work come “to life” and know that our sales teams are motivated and positive about the transformative capability this solution will help them achieve.


A huge thanks for your effort. I know the road was bumpy at times. but we did it and it looks great. You don’t know how this will transform some of the inner workings of our Sales Teams.

Oracle Feedback

One of our largest customers went live with their Oracle CRM On Demand #CRMOD implementation two days back. We already shared the feedback from the client here.

Guess what, there is more good news, We worked with Oracle on this implementation and they have sent some wonderful feedback as well. Very happy to share them with you:

In my seven years in Oracle, I know of no other partner that has bought the level of commitment and skills to the relationship that CRMIT has bought to not only this project, but several others

Wow, that’s great feedback, coming from our biggest partner, it means a lot to us. With so many CRM On Demand implementors out there, we take pride in differentiating ourselves with solid value addition to every project / customer we work on, using our solid product / implementation experiences, technical expertise and customer focus.

Thanks Oracle, and Congrats Team CRMIT!

Client Feedback On CRMIT’s Implementation Of Oracle CRM On Demand

Great news! One of our biggest customers from Australia, went live today with Oracle CRM On Demand #CRMOD, and we are very happy to share the client Feedback from them. This client provides service and support to various people in need, and are committed to provide them a chance to participate fully in community life.

Congratulations to the Team, we have successfully gone live today!

I would like to express our thanks for CRMIT’s central contributions to this success. The leadership from each of you in particular has been excellent and I have appreciated your experience and commitment to this success.

The effort and sustained long hours worked by both the Offshore and Onshore teams also deserves recognition especially given the extensive weekend and after hours.

It has been a project with distinct challenges and high expectations. Together, we’ve navigated these well, in no small part due to CRMIT’s consistent focus on Customer outcomes.

I trust this has been a positive experience for all of those engaged and we look forward to supporting this implementation and implementing future phases of our strategic roadmap.

Excellent Job, Team CRMIT. Keep going!

Client Feedback On CRMIT’s CRM++ Quote Management Solution & Implementation Services

Great news! We are very happy to share the client Feedback from one of our recent Oracle CRM On Demand #CRMOD implementations, where we deployed our CRM++ Quote Management Solution. This client is a famous producer of diagnostic and life supporting devices, with operations all over the globe.

CRMIT team did a very good job and exceeded our expectations on several parameters. Overall we found them very skilled and responsive, which makes it a pleasure to work with CRMIT.

Some people are sceptic when it comes to oursourcing to Asia, but we would certainly choose CRMIT again for this kind of job.

We look forward to working with CRMIT on projects like these again and would at any time recommend CRMIT to other companies.

Excellent Job, Team CRMIT. Keep going!

Client Feedback On CRMIT’s CRMOD Implementation Services

Great news to begin the week. We are very happy to share the client Feedback from one of our recent Oracle CRM On Demand #CRMOD implementations. This client is a famous Insurance and Banking firm from Australia.

Thanks CRMIT for the excellent work to support the demanding requirements on this implementation of CRMoD.

You were excellent communicators and your CRMoD knowledge is excellent.

Excellent Job, Team CRMIT. Keep going!

Social CRM For Service Teams

One common source where people are sharing content online more than ever is certainly the social networking environment. This is the largest source of direct, honest and outspoken opinions and community assistance. While this real time social media thing is global, uncontrollable and dynamic that lets your prospects and customers talk about you online, it is definitely serving like a helping aid to Service Teams, as well.

While customers talk about issues that you may not be even aware of, using right tools you can actually uncover the posts that talk about various issues, problems or may be grievances about company products and services. This can facilitate you in enhancing your customer support and service.

Social CRM provides you an opportunity to automatically convert these customer posts into service requests into the existing support application for a better follow up and track.

Now, what kind of social media posts for customer support routine can assist you? It may be a complaint, suggestion, any positive feedback or may be an additional service or product offering.

Once you identify the kind of post that can help you further in the matter, social CRM can convert it into a service request and route it through the existing workflows. Most of the organizations answer these posts as first come, first served manner, but you can choose to answer these according to your high value customers or may be high rated products. But whatever you choose, that should be based on business needs and not social media dynamics.

With the scoring mechanisms of social CRM, efficient and timely segmentation of actionable posts becomes easy. So, while managing service requests and taking proficient actions accordingly, you can also enjoy various other benefits of social CRM like platform flexibility, greater influence over conversation, better accommodating complexity of customer relationships and achieving deeper customer engagement.

Charu Mehta

CRM Consultant, CRMIT

Stock Of “Kudos”

Oracle Fusion CRM has various interesting features, once of them called “Kudos”.

You can see this via Navigator > My Portrait. If you don’t see Kudos option, click on the downward arrow in this page, and expand the portlet called “Kudos”.

This page shows all the “Kudos” (or Praise) given / received by the current employee across the organization. It says on which day the person gave (or got) kudos to (or from) whom, and for what reason.

This doesn’t add too much of value as a CRM application, but is a very valuable HR function. There are many other similar features in this page such as Career Planning, Development and Growth, Experience and Qualifications etc., These shows how powerfully Fusion Apps are integrated across.