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CRMIT launches a new title: CRM On Demand – Administrative Essentials

It is our pleasure to state that CRMIT, one of the fastest growing specialists in delivering CRM solutions has launched a book: CRM On Demand – Administrative Essentials at a glittering ceremony on January 18th at Nalanda, CRMIT Towers, Bangalore. The highlight of the book is it is authored by our very own CRMITians, Venkatesan Sundaram and Padmanabha Rao. The book delves into the implementation aspects of the CRM On Demand system to equip the administrative team with the knowledge of the model of customer relationship management. Satyendra Kumar, Senior Vice-President & Group Head for Infosys Technologies graced the occasion, along with the company’s Founder and CEO, Vinod Reddy and other senior management people.

The event kicked off with the welcome speech by Naga Chokkanathan, one of our senior directors, who spoke about the significance of the event and introduced the chief guest to all our CRMITians. This was followed by an inspiring speech by Venkatesan, one of the co-authors of the book. Sharing his wonderful experiences of writing this book along with his co-author Padmanabha Rao, Venkatesan spoke about his inspiring journey right from the idea of writing a concise and an informative book, to the efforts that went all through the final publication of the book. In this regard, he spoke in length about his co-author Padmanabha Rao and how his valuable inputs and timely co-ordination has gone a long way in completing the book with the desired quality and output. He further added that the book, which is more illustrative and diagrammatic, is intended for administrators, who intend to implement their in-house CRM systems at their respective organizations; or any other professionals, who would like to refresh their administration knowledge.


The chief guest at the event, Satyendra Kumar shared his valuable insights and experiences in the CRM space, considering his vast knowledge and experience in this domain. Being a senior management professional at Infosys and a highly learned person, our audience was awe struck by his thought provoking ideas and live quotes in the customer experience management. Emphasizing how customer experience has a major role to drive any organization’s engine, particularly in retaining existing customers or in generating new leads, he drove the point that large organizations with their intricate hierarchies are losing their customer experience touch points, while addressing any customer queries within the given time frame. At the same time, he dwelt upon how smaller organizations, due to their simpler hierarchical structures can take advantage in this space and render services with a penchant for prompt customer service including minimizing turnaround time to address their customer queries. He ended his speech with a congratulatory note to the authors.

Vinod Reddy later felicitated the chief guest and shared his thoughts and experiences on this book. Lauding our chief guest’s speech, he asked one and all to imbibe and implement his thoughts, particularly for a small company like CRMIT, where customer experience has a crucial role to play in driving its business engine. Deliberating on the publication of this valuable book, he praised the authors, who took lot of pain in bringing out such a valuable book, which is a distillation of their past experiences and knowledge in the CRM space. He further added that the book has received some rave reviews from various professionals and even being endorsed by some organizations as a handy guide for CRMOD implementations.

Finally, Ravi Shankar, our senior HR Director spoke a few words about the book and lauded the efforts of the authors in coming out with such a wonderful book and drew the attention of the authors to come out with more such titles in the near future. He also thanked the chief guest for gracing the occasion, despite his busy schedule and commitments. The event was followed by High tea.


CRMIT to launch a new book: CRM On Demand Administrative Essentials

Today our team in CRMIT will be launching a new book “CRM On Demand Administrative Essentials” authored by our very own CRMITians, Padmanabha Rao and Venkatesan Sundaram.

On Friday, Jan 18th, we’ll celebrate the book’s launch at a book unwrapping event and high tea @ CRMIT Towers in Bangalore. The event will be headlined by our special guest, Satyendra Kumar, Sr Vice President & Group Head, Infosys.

The book delves into the details of the CRM On Demand system to equip the implementation team with the knowledge of the model of customer relationship management to adapt, adopt and advance to suit your business, keep your customers delighted and your competitors gasping.

“I am quite impressed the way this book describes the design and discipline of the software as a service of CRM On Demand (Cloud CRM). In fact, we have received great feedbacks about the illustrations, diagrams, and tips with clear step-by-step instructions and real-time examples.

My congratulations and best wishes to both Padmanabha Rao and Venkatesan Sundaram”, said Vinod Reddy, Founder and CEO, CRMIT Solutions.

A special thanks to Satyendra Kumar for accepting to grace this occasion and Richard Napier for sharing his views on this book.

Oracle publishes CRMIT videos from Oracle Open World Conference

Oracle has published the following CRMIT videos from Oracle Open World Conference:

In the first video, Raj Badoni, one of the Directors of CRMIT discusses how CRMIT
uses Oracle Cloud’s platform services (PaaS) to extend Oracle Fusion Applications in Oracle Cloud for its customers.

In the second video, Siemens, Intelivideo, CRMIT Solutions and Java User Group leader, Markus Eisele, discuss using Oracle Cloud’s self-service, standards-based, scalable platform services to rapidly develop, test, and deploy enterprise-grade business applications in the cloud.

Welcome to the 2nd edition of Touch Tour!

We at CRMIT Solutions take pride in participating in the 2nd edition of the Touch Tour Mobile APP Conference & Workshop, scheduled to be held on 17th & 18th of November, 2012 at Tidel Park, Chennai. This conference is jointly organized by Microsoft, which is the platinum sponsor and 5 User Group India & Pluralsight, which are community partners.

Touch Tour is a community-driven event aimed at bringing the entire mobile community together under a single platform, thus making it more enriching and fun filled. You can expect a lot of interactive sessions in this conference that are focused towards app. design and development, aimed to encourage professionals from the community to showcase their applications. Apart from that, you can also expect some interesting contests and also win attractive prizes. So, stay tuned!

The first day of the event will enable the community to get together, network and have fun. This includes a lot of interactive sessions, wherein one of our senior directors at CRMIT, would be addressing a technical session on Mobile UX, providing some valuable insights and updates in this area of specialization. Similarly, there would be other technical sessions addressed by some of the eminent speakers in the respective areas of expertise, throwing light on some of the latest technological advancements in the mobile applications space. In addition to these interactive sessions, members from the community would have an opportunity to showcase their apps to exhibit their creative prowess. So, be there to enjoy these exciting moments!

The second day of the event will have 2 parallel workshops that are limited to around 20 – 40 participants. This workshop will allow the participants to spend considerable amount of time with the speaker and acquaint themselves with the latest tools and technologies.

Who can attend?

• Mobile App Designers
• Mobile App Developers
• Freelancers
• HTML / CSS / JS Ninjas
• People who are interested to network
• Mobile communities across India

What will you gain?
• Confidence to deliver your mobile strategy
• Enhanced knowledge on the mobile operating systems
• New professional contacts to set you in the perfect direction for your app
• The tools and tricks required to turn your app into a business
• And much more….

Register Now

Avail the opportunity to be the first person to register for Day 1 at just Rs.300/- There is a sponsorship opportunity for every budget level, from a highly visible booth in the Exhibit Hall to your company’s name on important Conference materials – but note that these opportunities might get filled up fast.

What’s more? You can even win a FREE entry to Touch Tour 2012 event. Just click here, enter your email id and share the generated URL with your friends. If your URL generates more number of unique visitors, you will win a FREE ticket to attend the conference.

CRMIT celebrates its 9th Annual Event – Incline


It is our great pleasure to state that CRMIT, one of the fastest growing specialists in delivering CRM solutions, has successfully completed 9 years of its existence, since its inception on 16th of September, 2003. It was truly an endearing and a wonderful journey all these years with a right mix of achievements, milestones and above all a great future that beholds all the CRMITians. To mark this great occasion, the company has recently celebrated this annual event on September 28th at Ramee Guest Line Hotel with great pomp and gaiety. The event has been christened as Incline, a colloquial synonym to connote steady inclination of the company towards rapid growth after 9 years of its existence.

Recognizing the event as a great occasion to bond with one and all within the CRMIT family, associates along with their respective families gathered in large numbers at the company’s premises. A local transport was organized to ferry the employees to the venue from where they were escorted to a well decorated auditorium with great events lined up to unfold the occasion. Associates and guests were instantly spellbound by the two marvelous video presentations by some of the talented associates – one presentation highlighting the technological marvels and the other highlighting the CRMIT’s achievements all these years and a well chartered road map for its future. A true creativity at its fore coupled with technological prowess by a young and an energetic team!

The official event kicked off with the lighting of the lamp by the CEO and other senior management people including recitation of some holy Sanskrit verses. Mr. Vinod Reddy, the company’s CEO welcomed the associates and talked about the company’s vision, achievements and the futuristic goals that the company has embarked in the years to come. This inspirational speech by the CEO was followed by a couple of presentations from the respective departmental heads highlighting the achievements in the respective spheres of their activities, high level of employee engagements and above all the strategic initiatives, envisioned in the coming years. The next event that followed was the presentation of awards to some of the outstanding associates of the company, who have showed their mettle in their respective areas of expertise and have been great contributors to the overall growth of the organization. Overall, 34 winners have been announced under various award categories that truly signifies the company’s commitment to recognize employee excellence at all levels. Not to miss the fun element, there were some tidbits of fun interlaced to make the whole occasion a more joyful and engaging. This included some brain and fun games involving high level of proactive engagement from our associates.

After a sumptuous lunch treat, the second half of the event unfolded with some of the most creative fun games organized by well known event managers at the venue. Associates were segregated into various teams and each team was at its creative best to outplace the other team to win some goodies from the organizers. Last, but not the least, a musical event was organized by the DJs, who churned out some of the latest chartbusters. With high octane music reverberating through the floor, associates were at their best to shake their legs to showcase their dancing steps that synchronized with the background scores. With this last leg of celebration, the annual event came to a close with associates bidding goodbye to each other and craving to have much more fun in the years to come. Moving forward, a new bunch of youngsters would be taking over the reins of this event management to organize the next annual function, bringing in its fore much more fun, high levels of creativity and excellence.

CRMIT : A Journey!

Nine years is a long period in the life of Software Company and stepping into decennial year is a great landmark!

It’s good to look back with retrospection and introspection.

There were many teething problems, hurdles, bottlenecks and constraints down this road. However this is no surprise as growing a child never would have been an easy task.

Being small is beautiful and easily manageable. A child grows faster by the day with every one giving their whole hearted contribution .The key factor is what the child has picked as it grew and how is it poised to take the next leap forward. The first steps are small and with many slips and trips to make way for long and higher strides.

Most lessons a child learns before it grows into adolescence and would be using the learning all throughout its life. One learns more by mistakes, failures and blunders than through achievements and laurels. But successes, recognitions, appreciations and satisfactions are true motivators which keep you breathing and moving.

Reaching the next phase of life knowing you are well placed to face the new world challenges and having worked on your value system is a wonderful feeling! Knowing your play field and rules of the game well is an advantage. Respect your sponsors and competitors give you makes you believe you can achieve more!

To reach your best potential and succeed, you require nurtured talent, opportunities and good luck! In a positive and growing environment, each one has opportunity to grow and succeed!

The magic is Big Thinking! Big thinkers don’t look back nor get stuck with present; they look forward with a clear vision. Every one may not have a vision or a dream, but surely they should have a wish and a hope! Belief and passion are critical to big players as is adventure and action! Nothing big is ever achieved through small thinking, meager plans and poor actions.

Hi CRMIT! , you Journey so far has been good: you have all ingredients to be great!

Congrats and all the Best!

Now it’s time to incl9.

Bhasker Rao K

Director (Education), CRMIT

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Oracle SRM

Oracle recently released a wonderful video on SRM : Social Relationship Management, and what their vision is, in terms of a “Social Enabled Enterprise”. This 30 minutes video is recommended to anyone interested in these topics:

To help you further, CRMIT has made Notes from this session, which you can access in full size here :×557.png