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Launching mCRM for Android

mCRM from CRMIT takes you closer to your customer by bringing Oracle CRM On Demand data
to your finger tips. Find what you need, when you need it by installing this application on your
android smart phones/tablets. mCRM for Android enables your teams to work productively on the
road by accessing the customer information anywhere, anytime.
mCRM for Android is designed to work 100% offline,
and you can synchronize all additions / changes to Oracle CRM On Demand once you get connected.

More Leads = More Sales?

Does Generating More Leads Help With Better Sales Revenue?

With the economy being so tough and buyers taking too long for making purchasing decisions, most businesses are becoming too concerned about selling products and services. And as per the generic approach, “More Leads = More Opportunities” people are busy populating the pipelines with leads, in a hope that some will turn into sales. But is it really worth? Let’s see…

What is the Logic?

The logic says that if you are flooding sales representatives with more of leads and above all they are of low quality, then situations may go worse. But in point of fact, companies are just wasting whole lot of cash on marketing and high volume lead generation practices. Moreover, the leads generated this way are of a very poor quality and fail to offer ROI.

On the contrary, sales representatives working with fewer leads, but of high quality results in better output in terms of focusing on probable buyers. This not only increases efficiency and pulls in fewer resources, but also funnels the best prospects for the company. But in most scenarios, businesses look for short term leads in order to get immediate results and sometimes, this result in a probability to lose a promising lead. So, when prospects tend to stretch the buy cycle and make purchasing decisions in a time-consuming fashion, developing long term leads can prove very helpful.

How To Find Higher Value Prospects

Most of the companies segment leads according to verticals, annual revenue, employee headcount and similar features, which can be then tested to have the highest responders. Further segmentation can be done for short term and long term prospects as soon as the contacts are introduced and therefore, it is important to note that “I am not interested” means “I am not interested at this point of time, may be later.”

Additionally, touching prospects repeatedly overtime is very crucial. So, some mixture of media, voice mail messages, quality outbound calls or may be direct mails can facilitate in increasing the chances of reaching promising leads. Creating an impact on decision makers can be done through multi-touch multimedia campaigns, as they build familiarity and target these decision makers at time when they actually need solutions.

But with the changing business climate and difficulties getting even harder while hitting sales numbers, companies need to focus on their strategic practices, because working smarter is the only key to success.

This is where CRM Applications help a lot. A right CRM, customized to your sales processes will do a world of good in terms of filtering out noise and identifying high value leads and to spend your time in an efficient manner, resulting in more closures, irrespective of how big or small your original lead count is.

Charu Mehta, CRMIT

Oracle Fusion CRM : A Boom For Sales Performance Management

Oracle Fusion Customer Relationship Management (CRM), is boom for sales performance management, because of these main reasons:

  • Sales planning, prospecting and productivity are the key challenges for a sales rep to increase their sales performance. Oracle Fusion CRM delivers these three areas for better results and revenues
  • Sales information is configured on Role-based user experience viz., sales executives, sales managers and a sales rep, helps to extract information when they need it
  • With Oracle Fusion CRM Sales reps can easily design, modify and execute sales plans using the integrated territory management, quota management and incentive compensation solution
  • Oracle Fusion CRM analysis the existing customers purchasing patterns to generate high quality lead and better prospecting
  • Sale reps can create their own personalised sales campaigns based on their each prospects using the inbuilt Campaign Management, thus reducing dependence on Marketing
  • Embedded Social collaborations, integration with Mobile and Microsoft Outlook reduces the reporting and increase productivity
– Chippada Chittibabu, CRM Sales Consultant, CRMIT


Sugar CRM conducts a conference called SugarCon and they are promoting it heavily through various channels. Today I got an Email about this conference and found a curious announcement there:

To be frank, there is nothing new in this scheme:

  1. All major conferences invite experts to present sessions
  2. It is quite common to ask them to present their topics / ideas online
  3. With the emerging Social Web, participants vote and decide which topics should be presented in a conference

Now, Sugar CRM has combined this #1, #2 and #3 to a powerful Email Campaign, whereby it asks general public to submit their ideas and present them, if those ideas get enough votes. Smart, But nothing great.

But, look at it from the Social CRM perspective, you will understand how Sugar CRM has scored many big wins here:

  • By making this sound like a contest, they are inviting clicks, whether people submit ideas or not, they will come to the website and read all about it
  • They have opened this ‘Submit your ideas’ to everybody, not just experts, a perfect Social Web Scenario (More participation, better conversations, better relationships)
  • By adding a prize (Free pass to SugarCon) element, they have made this more attractive, BUT it is not going to cost them anything, in fact having a speaker for free saves them money!
  • But, what if many people jump at the opportunity and submit stupid ideas, just to get a free pass to the conference?
  • No problem, introduce votes, Only if your topic gets high number of votes, you will win your pass
  • This actually means, Sugar CRM needn’t appoint anybody to moderate / filter out junk topics, they are filtered by the real users, for free!
  • OKay, What if I ask my friends and coworkers to vote for me?
  • Again, No Problem, When you do that, you are indirectly selling my product (conference) to others, getting me new leads, again for free. So let me go and encourage you to do it (Notice the place where Sugar CRM actually asks you to spread the message, for your own sake of course 😉 )
  • They haven’t announced how many such ‘public’ sessions will be presented in Sugar Con, Means they can control what is the ‘minimum number of votes’ you need to win the pass, and this can be used to eliminate all those ‘stupid, yet popular’ topics
  • Best part is, they are making the CRM community think of innovative topics to be presented in SugarCon, that way it will be driven by real users, not just few experts / thought leaders, Priceless!
– Naga Chokkanathan, Direct (Innovation), CRMIT

Twitter’s Self Service Advertising Platform & What it means for Social CRM

Buzz is that Twitter has launched a Self Service Advertising Platform for certain markets. We can expect it to go mainstream soon.

For quite sometime, Twitter uses promoted tweets, promoted trends etc., to make money. But they were not as self-service as Google Ads or few other alternatives. Having a system where people can manage their own Twitter Ads (& use them as per their budget) is going to add lot of value. And improve user adoption too.

Social CRM will jump into the bandwagon too, Soon we can expect features such as create a Twitter Ad from your CRM, Track effectiveness of a Twitter Ad, Track responses to a particular Ad, End to end campaign effectiveness reports etc., Exciting!

Do you use Twitter Ads? Are you planning to integrate them to your CRM? If yes, how? Who will benefit most from a platform / integration of this sort? Share your thoughts.

Project News : Our First Oracle ODM Project Went Live!

This week, one of our major customers went live with Oracle On Demand Marketing (ODM) solution, along with Oracle CRM On Demand (CRMOD). This is our first ODM implementation and we are thrilled to see it going live, after seven months of exploration, innovative design and implementation!

Project Overview

Our customer is a well known management educational institution, based out of Europe, with campuses all around the world. They were looking for a tool that could actually facilitate them with their Sales as well as Marketing activities and provides an integrated approach. Their major challenge was the process of registration on their website and with their outbound emails, as these are some major channels of lead prospects for them.

To take care of these requirements, CRMIT proposed an approach where Oracle CRM On Demand and the newly introduced Oracle Marketing On Demand tools are used in combination. Main features implemented were Account / Contact Management, Campaign Management, Advanced Analytics, Integration with backend systems such as student database etc.,

During the deployment of this project, two main features that we made use of were, third party tagging and source capture integration. These actually improved the progress of keeping track of registrations, especially during special events that were planned by the institution. Now they create events in ODM directly, as per their requirement and take the advantage of this new tool to integrate all the new registrations with the website.

While ODM works in collaboration with CRMOD, CRMIT developed an additional tool called data duplication utility. This helps our client in locating duplicate leads and contacts to avoid unnecessary processing.


Even though CRMIT is very well versed in CRMOD, we had a learning curve with respect to ODM which is a very new tool. Additionally, our client required many integrations with their other business systems, which needed a flexible and scalable design, end to end testing and deployment. Our team was able to meet all these requirements in the accepted time frame / budget and the project is live now, we are all Thrilled to see it in action!