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Enabling Customer Experience (CX) with email integration to Oracle Fusion CRM

CRM++ Email Workbench now leverages the extensibility of Oracle® Fusion CRM framework for delivering effective customer service in addition to its existing integration capability with Oracle® CRM On Demand

Email Integration for Oracle Fusion CRM

CRM++ Email Workbench provides a comprehensive solution to manage, capture, collate, respond and distribute important customer email activity all within the CRM system. Every update, development and opportunity is immediately shared with appropriate team members, without having to manually update or append any new information. One of the key features of the new CRM++ Email Workbench is the ability to link prospect and customers emails with your CRM data so you have better information about your interactions with customers. The seamless automation of service requests and one-stop email communication aids better visibility and accessibility to all customer information and emails within the system.

Customer experience is a set of perception, a customer has with a company throughout the buying and owning interactions. Positive Customer Experience (CX)s enable businesses to attract more, retain more, sell more, sell for more, and do more.

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CRMIT Solutions, an Oracle® Platinum Partner with specialization in CRM On Demand & Fusion CRM announced this new release as a part of its continued efforts to add service management features to Oracle® Fusion CRM. The Service Management solution includes the CRM++ Self Service Portal, Computer Telephony Integration and the Email Workbench that compliment and bridge in as service side features for Oracle® Fusion CRM.

CRM++ Email Workbench provides customer centric organizations to link prospect and customers emails with the CRM data for a 360° view of customer interactions. The Email Workbench also eliminates the switching between email programs and CRM modules, which always has been a challenge.

While CX isn’t just about technology, enabling great Customer Experience (CX)s at scale does require a wide range of software solutions and Oracle® is one of the only Customer Experience (CX) vendor that can claim it has every capability mentioned within a comprehensive Customer Experience (CX) portfolio offering, including Oracle® CRM On Demand and Oracle® Fusion CRM. The CRM++ Email Workbench 2.0 integration support for these offerings showcases our focus and commitment to extend the Customer Experience (CX) expertise to our existing and potential customers

CRMIT is meeting the Customer Experience (CX) challenge continuously, by offering to our customers the knowledge, resources, and tools to identify their unique Customer Experience (CX) challenges and by helping to develop strategies to address those pain points. The CRM++ suite of products which include Self Service Portal, Computer Telephony Integration, Email WorkBench and Social CRM++ are some of initiatives in this area

Candidate’s Experience, Recruiter’s Delight – It is all about Taleo (Oracle’s recent talent management acquisition)

Some statistics first …

Are they good enough to understand why a Company such as Taleo exists in first place and why someone like Oracle should acquire Taleo – leading Cloud based talent management solution?

So what Taleo does? It is an end to end on-line web platform to handle requests for staffing (Requisition management), do CRM (Candidate Relationship Management), Provide a great multi-touch-point candidate experience and facilitate on-boarding talents in your Organization.

Oracle adds Taleo's Talent Management Cloud to Oracle's Public Cloud
Oracle adds Taleo’s Talent Management Cloud to Oracle’s Public Cloud

A tool to facilitate the above may not make sense for an Organization that hires couple of tens of people single handedly managed by 1 or two recruiters but think about Global Organizations with several hundred thousands of employees adding couple of thousands of employees every year facilitated by tens of recruiters across the globe, the need for such tool would be very clear. These large Organization not only needs a tool like Taleo to save cost in recruitment but also to make the whole hiring process effective and efficient to hire the right talents at right time.

As far as the individual modules are concerned, some of the noteworthy features are below

Requisition Management:

This basically handles the first step in hiring process. Facilitating creation of requests, Approval of requests by Managers via simple to complicated workflow depending on your Organization needs and posting your jobs in a single click to numerous Job Boards, Social Media Sites and Agents / Agencies in a single click. All these integrations with external job boards, social media sites etc. comes pre-packaged as part of the application and I am sure With the acquisition of “Select Minds” by Oracle these social integration features are sure to get strengthened further

CRM (Candidate Relationship Management):

On recruiter’s side the tool provides a web platform to perform an automatic “match and find” the right talent from talent database on basis of job characteristics (you can create pre-defined rules to do this matching and identify the Ace candidates in a database of several thousands of candidates), facilitates deep manual search across multiple attributes of candidates to narrow down a select set of candidates for the posting, facilitate the pre-screening process with the help of pre-configured disqualification questions, and pre-screening questions, Schedule interviews with the right person in the Organization on basis of candidate / interview’s availability and do background check with several well known background verification partners like ADP, Ernst & Young, Accurate, Skill Survey, Hire Right etc if you decide to hire the candidate. One interesting feature that delighted me is a built-in resume parser that parses the uploaded resume and creates the candidate profile details automatically in the database without a need for recruiters to spend hours of time in building the candidate database.

As far as Candidate Experience is concerned Taleo comes with a fully configurable/ pre-packaged job portal that can be plugged into your corporate website where candidates can browse through job postings, apply for basket of jobs (like a mini shopping cart), track the status of the application throughout the process and get notification on status change of application through multiple modes of communication. The steps involved in applying for a particular job posting is fully customizable depending on the nature of job posting. Needless to say there is a mobile app that facilitates the access of the portal via mobile and tools like resume parser makes your life easier in getting the job forms pre-filled without you spending any-time to fill-in the required information.

Candidate On-Boarding :

Once a candidate is offered a job (facilitates an iterative negotiation process to gain acceptance of the candidate), there is a separate full configurable / pre-packaged “On-Boarding” website where the candidates can log-in understand more about the company, submit all pre-requisite for joining in electronic form to facilitate employee verification, submission of proofs of claims if any made during interview process (certificates, degrees) etc over the web in an effective and efficient manner saving the recruiter’s time and providing a great experience to the new talents who are getting on-board to your Organization

As far as integration to your other corporate systems is concerned Taleo provides “Taleo Connect” an advanced integration platform that provides seamless configuration driven on-line / offline integration via multiple modes like web services, batch jobs etc cutting down your development / integration time drastically.

Needless to say Oracle has great plans to put together an integrated suite covering all HR management needs by integrating Taleo with Fusion HCM pretty shortly

In net it is implicit that hiring is more and more becoming a marketing function these days with the demand for capable right talents growing at a rapid pace, hence a need for a tool like Taleo to facilitate it in cost effective way is mandatory and not optional for Organizations.

Write to me for any additional info on Taleo..

Venkatesan Sundaram
Senior Director, CRMIT

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Fusion CRM Self Service Portal by CRMIT

CRMIT has developped a Self Service Portal which provides a comprehensive solution to empower end customers with quality services while reducing costs. Track, manage and resolve issues quickly within service level agreement (SLA); enable customers to access service requests and solutions, while retaining control on what they can read, and strengthen relationships with customers.

CRM++ Self Service Portal leverages the extensibility of Oracle® Fusion CRM framework to provide the most complete solution for delivering world-class customer service. It helps customer centric organizations to achieve recognition for better customer service which translates into stronger customer loyalty, higher revenue and improved customer profitability.

Watch this video or read this page to find out more about CRMIT’s Self Service portal.

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Eloqua – the most elegant piece in Oracle CX Strategy

Ever since Oracle acquired Eloqua (Dec 2012), I started exploring Eloqua‘s fitment into Oracle’s Cloud Strategy, more specifically Oracle’s Cloud CX Strategy

I discussed in couple of my previous posts in terms of how Fusion CRM fills in Oracle CX Sales & Marketing Strategy and RN fills in CX Service Strategy. Saying that if you look into closely on what Fusion Sales has on marketing front today, it may not be as well rounded like what is being offered by Fusion CRM on Sales side.

A connected point to this is Oracle’s acquisition of Market2Lead couple of years ago where Oracle went ahead and acquired the Market2Lead IP and built / started selling On Demand Marketing (ODM) that works hand-in-hand with CRM On Demand to compliment the marketing needs that CRM On Demand really lacks.

Before On Demand Marketing (ODM), people familiar with CRM On Demand knows that Email Marketing On Demand (EMOD) is the only piece that was complimenting CRM On Demand to support simple email marketing campaign. With ODM CRM On Demand got better as ODM not only offered advanced email campaigns but also supports web campaign which was lacking in EMOD

The above Market2Lead / ODM acquisition, adds confusion and question to Oracle’s acquisition of Eloqua as far all practical reasons, it is a common understanding that there are some overlaps between Eloqua and Market2Lead / ODM. It is also something I know from Open World Sessions, that Oracle plans to leverage the same Market2Lead / ODM IP to build the marketing piece of Fusion CRM which is still not complete

My analysis on the above question on why Oracle acquired one more Marketing solution which kind of overlaps with ODM / Market2Lead leads to the below inputs

  • Oracle only acquired IP of Market2Leead, whereas it acquired the entire company Eloqua for $871 M USD. This makes it obvious that Oracle’s interest is not just on Eloqua‘s technology (which is interesting J2EE unlike RN), but also has serious interest in Eloqua‘s customer base. If you further slice into Eloqua ‘s customer base, it is a fact that bulk of Eloqua ‘s existing customers are Salesforce customers as Eloqua offered an app exchange solution for Salesforce to compliment Salesforce in Marketing. With acquisition of Eloqua, Oracle has gained entry into Salesforce customer base as well has control to decide on future road map of appexchange product that makes Eloqua work with
  • Second important point is that unlike Market2Lead which is one among many SaaS based marketing solution; Eloqua is a market leader in this space as ranked by Gartner. The features of Eloqua on campaign segmentation, usability of building reusable campaigns as well ability to execute campaigns across multiple channels makes it as a leader in On Demand marketing automation segment
  • Finally Marketing Automation space is a real happening space and companies like Eloqua were growing at a rate of 30% y-o-y which is a clear indication on how hot this area is. Moreover some of the notable deals in this space like Teradata acquisition of Aprimo, IBM acquisition of Unica, Exacttarget acquisition of Pardot, SLD acquisition of Alterian etc are strong pointers / clues to understand the business potential in this space. The deals which were happening at 5X of Revenue in this space are reaching 10 X today with Oracle’s Eloqua ‘s acquisition

With the above analysis, it is very clear that Oracle’s acquisition of Eloqua is very strategic from multiple perspectives and I am sure that with Oracle’s marketing and brand support the product which is already an Industry leader would pretty soon sees greater heights. I am also sure it is question of few quarters for Salesforce to go and acquire the runner up product in this segment Marketo …Wait and Watch this space ….                                                                                                     

                                                                                                                   Venkatesan Sundaram
                                                                                                                   Senior Director, CRMIT

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