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Customer Experience – The Japanese way

Recently I happened to meet my close friend, who is back from Japan. It was a casual encounter, considering that we both were relaxed and enjoying a lazy weekend. It was a long awaited meet as he was away from me for so many years. We settled down at a cozy restaurant with a coffee and started chatting.

After exchanging some pleasantries, we were slowly engrossed in some serious conversation. For me, knowing about Japan, its people and its culture is more exciting than anything else and I just grabbed the chance to quickly chat on all these topics. During the course of our conversation dwelling about the Japanese way of life, their discipline and courtesies, our conversation swerved towards Customer Experience and how Japanese, be it an individual, a shop or an organization give value to any customer.

He quickly said, “Do you know how Japanese treat their customers? For them, customer is the God”. I immediately retorted, “What is so great in that? Even in India we have shop keepers treating customers as kings and ensure that they are always happy”. With my insane reply, my friend laughed at me and started throwing some interesting accounts of customer experiences in Japan.

“Let me narrate some of my experiences and then start your conversation”, he said and further added; “Suppose you go to a shop to buy an item, which is worth few pennies. Unfortunately, you notice that you have a higher denomination note (say Rs.100/-) to buy a small item, which is worth just Rs.5/- Since, you need the item badly, you go ahead to purchase the item and give him the hundred rupee note. So, what reply would you get? He just puts a frown on his face and expresses his inability to give you the change. He doesn’t even bother if you leave his shop just because you are unable to render the exact change. Isn’t it? I am sure almost 8 of the 10 shop keepers here would do the same thing, putting you in an embarrassing situation”.

“So, do you know what happens in Japan when you are in a similar situation?” My friend questioned. He further continued, “In Japan, if you just happen to visit even a small shop, the shop keeper bows at you out of respect and ensures that you get all the attention as if you are the only customer for his shop to buy an item, irrespective of how small an item could be. And assuming that your item is worth few pennies and you happen to give a big denomination note, he never grumbles and goes all the way to ensure that you get the required change – all this with a smile. Moreover, even if the item that you might be searching is not available in the shop, he goes all the way to ensure you get it. And the bottom line is he never lets you go disappointed, whatever may be. Now do you love to come to that shop again and again?” My friend questioned. I replied in the affirmative and was just lost in thoughts about this wonderful customer experience.

We talk about big technologies and modern CRM applications without realizing that we are losing out on the emotional aspects of the customer touch points. Of what use technology, when we just take our customers for granted, without understanding what they really want. After all, a happy customer is the one who brings more business to any business entity – be it a small shop or a big organization. And Japanese have really proved this point to the world – inbuilt in their psyche to gauge the pulse of the customers.

With these thoughts in my mind, we quietly retired to our homes and thanked my friend for sharing such wonderful experiences about Japan.

CRMIT launches a new title: CRM On Demand – Administrative Essentials

It is our pleasure to state that CRMIT, one of the fastest growing specialists in delivering CRM solutions has launched a book: CRM On Demand – Administrative Essentials at a glittering ceremony on January 18th at Nalanda, CRMIT Towers, Bangalore. The highlight of the book is it is authored by our very own CRMITians, Venkatesan Sundaram and Padmanabha Rao. The book delves into the implementation aspects of the CRM On Demand system to equip the administrative team with the knowledge of the model of customer relationship management. Satyendra Kumar, Senior Vice-President & Group Head for Infosys Technologies graced the occasion, along with the company’s Founder and CEO, Vinod Reddy and other senior management people.

The event kicked off with the welcome speech by Naga Chokkanathan, one of our senior directors, who spoke about the significance of the event and introduced the chief guest to all our CRMITians. This was followed by an inspiring speech by Venkatesan, one of the co-authors of the book. Sharing his wonderful experiences of writing this book along with his co-author Padmanabha Rao, Venkatesan spoke about his inspiring journey right from the idea of writing a concise and an informative book, to the efforts that went all through the final publication of the book. In this regard, he spoke in length about his co-author Padmanabha Rao and how his valuable inputs and timely co-ordination has gone a long way in completing the book with the desired quality and output. He further added that the book, which is more illustrative and diagrammatic, is intended for administrators, who intend to implement their in-house CRM systems at their respective organizations; or any other professionals, who would like to refresh their administration knowledge.


The chief guest at the event, Satyendra Kumar shared his valuable insights and experiences in the CRM space, considering his vast knowledge and experience in this domain. Being a senior management professional at Infosys and a highly learned person, our audience was awe struck by his thought provoking ideas and live quotes in the customer experience management. Emphasizing how customer experience has a major role to drive any organization’s engine, particularly in retaining existing customers or in generating new leads, he drove the point that large organizations with their intricate hierarchies are losing their customer experience touch points, while addressing any customer queries within the given time frame. At the same time, he dwelt upon how smaller organizations, due to their simpler hierarchical structures can take advantage in this space and render services with a penchant for prompt customer service including minimizing turnaround time to address their customer queries. He ended his speech with a congratulatory note to the authors.

Vinod Reddy later felicitated the chief guest and shared his thoughts and experiences on this book. Lauding our chief guest’s speech, he asked one and all to imbibe and implement his thoughts, particularly for a small company like CRMIT, where customer experience has a crucial role to play in driving its business engine. Deliberating on the publication of this valuable book, he praised the authors, who took lot of pain in bringing out such a valuable book, which is a distillation of their past experiences and knowledge in the CRM space. He further added that the book has received some rave reviews from various professionals and even being endorsed by some organizations as a handy guide for CRMOD implementations.

Finally, Ravi Shankar, our senior HR Director spoke a few words about the book and lauded the efforts of the authors in coming out with such a wonderful book and drew the attention of the authors to come out with more such titles in the near future. He also thanked the chief guest for gracing the occasion, despite his busy schedule and commitments. The event was followed by High tea.


Detailed Discussion on the Importance of Service Management

An overview on Service Management

Service management in a Lehman’s term can be defined as work tactic that helps a business to manage its technology and processes and eventually deliver a great service at the most reasonable rate. It is a proper allocation of resources to bring the best business outcome. You can utilize service management to improve various aspects of your business. Customer service can be taken to a whole new different level with the help of service management.
It helps in cutting unnecessary costs and tasks. Your staffs will have more time on their hand than before if you have a great service management system.

Consider the costs

Before implementing the systems, you might need a limited scope of functionality in order to improve the operational efficiency. The software professional who works with you should be able to provide a solution that can help in scaling your business and sustaining it for the tough years of competition that your business is going to face.

Other important information

It requires quite a bit of planning and communication to implement a service management system. Therefore you need to make sure that someone spearheads the movement in the capacity of a manager.

It is quite obvious that there are numerous aspects of a business. And all these aspects need to be brought together in the best possible way to result in an excellent service. Without proper service management, it will be tough to get all these aspects on the same platform. It needs to be understood that a proper communication is necessary at all the stages of a business.

Each and every department of your business needs to have a central point where one can communicate in case any issues arise. The most important thing that entrepreneurs should ascertain is that one who is in charge of that central point is utterly efficient.

Prime Benefits of service Management Service

Following are some of the prime benefits of service management software

Boosting business

The services offered by any business concern should be of the best quality in order to ensure customer satisfaction. Software can help in keeping a tab on the standards of services delivered and it can identify service that is below par. Thereby it can protect your business from any harm in its reputation. Moreover this software can also help in identifying those professionals who delivered such weak services and therefore needs training.

Utterly reliable and consistent

The services offered by a company should be trusted in the market. That will help it to succeed. With the help of service management software, you will be able to maintain consistency of the standard of services. In this highly competitive market, it is important to be consistent.

Boost in productivity

With the help of a service management software, a business can improve its productivity and meet the needs of the clients. It helps a business in every aspect to improve and make its mark on the vast platform of the internet.

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CRMIT to launch a new book: CRM On Demand Administrative Essentials

Today our team in CRMIT will be launching a new book “CRM On Demand Administrative Essentials” authored by our very own CRMITians, Padmanabha Rao and Venkatesan Sundaram.

On Friday, Jan 18th, we’ll celebrate the book’s launch at a book unwrapping event and high tea @ CRMIT Towers in Bangalore. The event will be headlined by our special guest, Satyendra Kumar, Sr Vice President & Group Head, Infosys.

The book delves into the details of the CRM On Demand system to equip the implementation team with the knowledge of the model of customer relationship management to adapt, adopt and advance to suit your business, keep your customers delighted and your competitors gasping.

“I am quite impressed the way this book describes the design and discipline of the software as a service of CRM On Demand (Cloud CRM). In fact, we have received great feedbacks about the illustrations, diagrams, and tips with clear step-by-step instructions and real-time examples.

My congratulations and best wishes to both Padmanabha Rao and Venkatesan Sundaram”, said Vinod Reddy, Founder and CEO, CRMIT Solutions.

A special thanks to Satyendra Kumar for accepting to grace this occasion and Richard Napier for sharing his views on this book.

Five Tips to Reap the Benefits of Internet Marketing

It is quite understandable that a small business will face quite a few problems on its way towards success. Most of the problems rise because they are not as financially equipped as the established companies. However, there are quite a few examples of a small company emerging victorious even in the face of a number of odds. Each of these entrepreneurs has established a name for themselves with wise market and money management. They have showed the world that it is not impossible for a small company to make a name for itself.

The below-listed internet market tips can help a small business stand against all odds and tread upon the road to success.

Avail the Free Tools

Inexperience will obviously lead to wrong decisions. This is what happens with small business owners. They are made to believe in fake promises. They fall prey to the flowery language, filled with promises and attractive advertisements. However, the small business owners must understand a fact that there are several Free Marketing Tools which can play the most efficient role in marketing your website. They can generate as much traffic as required. Slowly, an individual would learn the marketing techniques with experience. Purchasing professional internet marketing software can be a good decision only when one knows how the whole thing works. Otherwise, it would just be a waste of your hard earned money.

Concentrate on the Email Campaigns

If you wish to implement internet marketing in the most efficient way possible, you would need to initiate email campaigning, get connected with the people who have used your services or products and are satisfied with them. Only in this manner, will the marketing efforts you have invested into your business shall pay back, and most of it is to come from the customers who have subscribed to your updates, i.e. your services and products.

Utilize the Benefits of Social Media Marketing

You obviously are acquainted with the awesome benefits of the social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ etc. Anyone can sign up in these sites, since it is free. Easier is to get in touch with the people. All one would need to do is add friends and regularly post updates and comments. Social media marketing has a wide range. It opens up several opportunities and the small business would be able to reach more people.

Give and Take policy

You would need to lure visitors with eBooks, software downloads etc., which is one of the cleanest methods of internet marketing. You would need to join forums and get your knowledge and expertise across to other people. Your clients need to understand that you are really interested in them and it is not just a money-making relation that you wish to establish.

Reap the Advantages from YouTube

Nowadays, people prefer watching videos more than going through boring texts. Thus, you need to be active in YouTube. Keep on posting related videos on the site. This particular type of internet marketing helps you get across to the youth.

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Over emphasizing brand extension – Does it help?

“Nilgiris” is quite a big shop. When I happened to visit there, I saw one boy asking her mother to buy some noodles. After hearing their conversation, I felt that the boy might be a noodles lover, which prompted her mother to search all the available brands along with him.

In that shop, there might be around 30-35 brands of noodles including the reputed “Horlicks” brand, labeled as “Foodles”. Unlike other brands of noodles, this “Foodles” brand comes in different colours and tastes. And when the boy’s mother notices the “Horlicks Foodles”, she picks it up immediately. Though she is fully aware that noodles are a junk food, she still goes ahead in buying it, just for the sake of the brand.

It is really praiseworthy to make note of the person, who brought forth this brand concept and even should be a genius to make use of this concept to successfully sell the products.

Now let’s get back to our story. To her mother’s utter surprise, the tensed boy immediately tells her mother not to buy “Foodles” and reiterates his stand that he is averse of “Horlicks” and hence she should only purchase the “Maggi” brand of noodles. He simply puts a Maggi packet in the bag and moves on to the “Chocolate” section.

Isn’t this surprising? Horlicks must have done all the hard work including conducting some good market surveys in understanding the customers’ psychology, investing money in bringing about an attractive pack and ultimately offering the brand with an attractive price.

However, within a second, this boy has smashed all the efforts of the company that went into branding and positioning of the product. When the company emphasis so much about brand extension, do they expect this reverse swing? Definitely one needs to have a thought on this!


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