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CRMIT wins a new customer for implementing the Web Service Survey Tool!

We are quite delighted to share the good news that CRMIT has won a prestigious project for implementing a new web service survey tool for a leading educational institution in the US. This is the second straight win for CRMIT after it has successfully implemented a project for one of the leading management institutions of the world, having its presence in several countries across the globe.

The client is a leading educational institution in the US that boasts of an excellent faculty and student fraternity. As part of assessing the students’ performance, the institution had designed a survey comprising of a questionnaire with multiple choice of questions. Students participating in the survey had to fill in the questionnaire and the university on its part would generate the results of the survey. However, the major pain area for the client is, lack of generating the consolidated results of the survey in the form of a PDF file from their current version of Oracle CRM On Demand system for a quick review and assessment.

CRMIT took up this challenge and after understanding the nuances of the project requirements, came out with a feasible solution that involves integrating the Survey Tool with the current version of the Oracle CRM On Demand system used by the client.

The project is in the advanced stage of implementation and we have already received accolades from the client for quick resolution of the problem as well as smooth implementation, adding value to the client.

101 on Big Data

Yup, the buzzword now is Big Data. People talk about big data in every conference even if it not relevant to the conference J as a technique to pull crowd ….But interestingly many are confused on what really “Big data” means. Is it a tool, technology, platform, a new terminology etc? May be this blog can help a naive to understand what big data means …

To put in simple terms, Big Data is a new terminology to represent something that is around for quite some time. It is as simple as a new Buzz Word to represent large volume of data. Why all of a sudden this buzz? Isn’t the large data volume existed before?

Yes, large volume existed before in structured form (database) but in today’s world unstructured data is growing exponentially every day due to contemporary sources of data like Social Media, Emails, Blogs, Sensors capturing variety of information in near real time basis etc, hence Big Data’s growing importance.

As everyone understands data is not information. Data is raw, information is meaningful. You would get lost with tons of data but information provides you specifics that help you to take actions. So it is imperative that you need your tools and ammunition to mine into the Big Data that your organization collects from multiple sources to make meaningful decisions and actions.

So what makes it so difficult to analyze big data? In addition to the volume, the rate at which the data grows as well as increasing number of varieties of data that is getting added day to day makes it complex to analyze independently and collectively. Saying that it makes sense to invest on analyzing this as in Today’s digital world, data provides Organization meaningful information to future in terms of better service, better products, being responsive etc creating distinctive competitive advantage for you.

There are quantified metrics to prove that timely analysis of Big Data helps in improving your customer satisfaction by “sensing” the tweets you receive from your social channels, quickly come up with products / services that customer talks about in the Social space, reduce the mortality rate by your quick ability to analyze patient’s conditions coming from myriad of sensors, swift actions to safeguard organization / country’s security etc.

Thus comes mushrooming tools to support the above. Every “Big B” in information technology world is into providing tools to mine and make sense out of Big Data. Some of the leading companies that you can explore are here

So it net it makes sense to explore the applicability of these tools in your Organization’s context to ensure you are not a laggard as you know in today’s digital world timely Information is $$$

 Venkatesan Sundaram
Senior Director, CRMIT

Originally published in Venky’s Blog

In memory database in Cloud …

I picked up this topic to blog not just because “Cloud” is my focus of interest but due to the reason that for first time I discovered SAP is a database company too. This article talks about SAP’s Hana in-memory database in Cloud model and its core differentiator from other DB vendors as its high performance in-memory database where the entire application data is stored in RAM instead of files.

I am not sure whether it is a strong differentiator as recently in Oracle Open World, Oracle announced similar products though I am not quiet sure about availability of them in cloud model.

Salesforce which is a lead player and has one by name Heroku.

Now it is interesting to note that these in-memory DB from SAP, Oracle and Salesforce are slowly made available in Cloud model where the clients are charged on hourly basis depending on their usage which makes it compelling for companies to buy.

Not sure what is Microsoft’s plan on this front (i read somewhere on xvelocity though haven’t see any big announcements yet). May be we can expect an announcement shortly on its foray into cloud DB as a service space too …

Can SAP takes on Oracle / Salesforce / MSFT in database market? Not sure about conventional DB market but may be in Cloud model …Let us wait and watch

Venkatesan Sundaram
Senior Director, CRMIT

Originally Published on Venky’s Blog

Little Nice Features From Oracle CRM On Demand Latest Release

Have you noticed these tiny little new features introduced recently in Oracle #CRMOD CRM On Demand?

  1. You can now set the related information format as Lists or Tab. When you set as Tab, here is how it looks. Is it not better than long scrolling list view? I prefer this. Make a note that this can be set as the Company level as well as at the Role Level. I didn’t notice an option yet for users to override it
  2. All these days you don’t have an option to restrict the “Search fields” by user role. Now you can. You can specify the fields for targeted search in definitions of “Search Layout” and then associate the search layout to the user role
  3. Now in the look-up window you can see the already defined “lists” appear over there at the top facilitating quick search using your predefined lists. Notice the list drop-down at the top of the look-up pop-up below

Provision these little good things for your users in your CRM On Demand.

Venkatesan Sundaram

Senior Director, CRMIT

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Cloud, From AT&T, IBM

Recently AT&T, IBM announced that they are going to share network to lure more customers to cloud. You can read more about this unique partnership from Bloomberg website :

We think this is a very interesting development in cloud market. The interesting part is the collaboration between a technology company and a phone carrier to bring cloud offerings to the consumer that is happening for a first time I believe.

One of the key issues in public cloud adoption is addressing security concerns of the Organization. Knowing AT&T’s growing medium and enterprise business in providing internet services, this partnership can make “private cloud” more compelling minimizing the concerns on security and connectivity. We foresee more such partnership in future.

Share your views!

Venkatesan Sundaram

Senior Director, CRMIT

5 CRM Case Studies From CRMIT

Five Case Studies from many of CRMIT ‘s successful CRM Implementation, in a delightful Infographic Format:

1. Manufacturing :

2. Engineering :

3. Insurance :

4. Banking :

5. Healthcare :

Oracle Announces Leading ISV Integration With Oracle Sales and Marketing Cloud Service

More Than 100 ISVs, including Big Machines, Marketo and Xactly, now Provide Integrated Offerings to Help Maximize Sales and Single Customer Viewpoint


News Facts

• Demonstrating its continued commitment to business value via open standards and the cloud, Oracle today announced that more than 100 leading ISVs are integrating in the cloud with Oracle Sales and Marketing Cloud Service, a service available through Oracle Cloud.

• For the first time Oracle Sales and Marketing Cloud Service users can choose from a wide array of directly integrated third-party solutions, providing a new level of choice, seamless deployment and single view of customers with preferred implementations.

• Top partners, including ActivePrime, Avaya, BigMachines, Box, Brainshark, Callidus Software, CirrusPath, Clicktools, CRMIT, DBSync, EchoSign from Adobe, Eloqua, Fliptop, FPX, HarQen, HubSpot, iHance,, InsideView, Interactive Intelligence, Lingotek, LinkPoint360, Marketo, Nuance, PerspecSys, Postcode Anywhere, Revegy, salesElement, StrikeIron, upsourceIT, White Springs, X+1 and Xactly, have announced their availability and integration today.

• By integrating with Oracle Sales and Marketing Cloud Service, ISV solutions can easily be leveraged by customers.

• By choosing Oracle Sales and Marketing Cloud Service as a sales platform, customers will continue to have complete choice of their own quoting, lead management and sales methodology solutions and it will all be pre-integrated with Oracle Sales and Marketing Cloud Service.

• With demonstrable integration fusing standards-based technologies, such as SOAP web services, Oracle Sales and Marketing Cloud Service customers choosing ISV integrations will also benefit from familiar ease-of-use and the Oracle Sales and Marketing Cloud Service user interface, including buttons, links and custom objects for a rich user experience.

• ISV integration with Oracle Sales and Marketing Cloud Service also enables on-demand contextual data exchange capabilities, linking Oracle Sales and Marketing Cloud Service business data with third-party application data for a complete CRM view.

• ISVs building robust, repeatable integrations with Oracle Sales and Marketing Cloud Service can begin the process of achieving Oracle Validated Integration, an Oracle PartnerNetwork program that recognizes Oracle partner solutions with proven integration to Oracle Applications. ISVs can learn more about Oracle Validated Integration here.

• For customers, Oracle Validated Integration means that a partner’s integration has been tested and validated as functionally and technically sound, that the partner solution is integrated with Oracle Sales and Marketing Cloud Service in a reliable, standardized way, and that the integration operates and performs as documented.

• Oracle Cloud provides a broad portfolio of Platform Services, Application Services, and Social Services, all on a subscription basis. Oracle Cloud delivers instant value and productivity for end users, administrators, and developers through functionally rich, integrated, secure, enterprise cloud services.

Supporting Quotes

• “BigMachines is a leader in Configure, Price, and Quote solutions in the Cloud. Our solution delivers accurate quotes directly from an opportunity, integrated with the leading Oracle Sales and Marketing Cloud application from Oracle,” says John Pulling, Senior Vice President of Products at Big Machines. “Together, Big Machines and Oracle efficiently automate changes, enabling a faster, more efficient sales process for our joint customers.”

• ”Modern marketing and sales must engage customers and prospects in real time across the web, email, social media, online and offline channels to understand where and how to allocate their budgets for maximum return,” said Srini Venkatesan, Senior VP, Products and Engineering at Marketo. “Alignment and integration with Oracle Sales and Marketing Cloud Service allows Marketo’s solutions to deliver innovative capabilities for sales and marketing to adapt and grow their business on the core Oracle platform for CRM.”

• “Sales incentives are the best way to drive better performance. Well managed incentives improve the bottom line, particularly when combined with effective sales systems,” said Christopher Cabrera, president and CEO of Xactly Corporation. “With Oracle Sales and Marketing Cloud Service and Xactly working together, customers gain insight and efficiencies. The combination can create more effective compensation programs, while motivating sales to work to its full potential.”

• “The tremendous integration of leading ISVs with Oracle Sales and Marketing Cloud Service is a testament to the undeniable business value and demand from customers,” said Anthony Lye, SVP of Oracle CRM. “Oracle Sales and Marketing Cloud Service continues to define the industry, and we are proud to work with these leading ISVs to help users simultaneously maximize sales and revenue and extend their current deployments for a deeper and single customer viewpoint.”

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