Month: October 2011

CRMOD Integration With Oracle Policy Automation

More Notes from Team-CRMIT @ OOW11

  • CRMOD is integrated with Oracle Policy automation
  • Very Cool demo for insurance industry on survey input capture based on CRM context
  • Useful for loan processing (Wizard driven Information gathering scenario – Pre application process; CTI environments);

OOW Updates

OOW 11 is focused on extreme performance and complete solution from Oracle ( Hardward + Software)

  • On premise, Cloud, Hybrid offerings
  • Fusion is gaining momentum with several 1000 customers worldwide
  • Sun corp is part of Larry’s presentation-  Moving to Exadata/Exalogic infrastructure
  • Announcement of Exalytics – Extreme performance
  • Oracle Enterprise manager has features to monitor, deploy Cloud / On premise solutions – Several new product announcements
  • Key differentiators compared to Competition: Complete Stack, End to End control, Fusion Middleware, Extreme performance, Built in analytics
  • CRM Release 20 focus – Mobility, Deeper industry offering support,ATG is becoming part of CRM roadmap
  • Social Capabilities – Offering through Fusion Webcenter interface
  • Isales:Looks very interesting and Cool… Addressing Ipad user needs, Can be extended with Webcenter to collaborate on CRM objects; Will be part of R19 innovation pack
  • Available with Life sciences – Needs Fusion Middleware
  • MobileSales –    Now customization is possible; Available on BB/Iphone

Oracle Open World News

OOW has a session on ‘Integrating Oracle CRM On Demand into Your Enterprise Architecture’ today.

 Session Highlights:

Oracle provides prebuilt open and standards-based integration between Oracle CRM On Demand and other Oracle applications. Additionally, Web services and partner solutions enable a vast range of integration options to help organizations address their unique requirements. In this session, you can learn from the experts how to extend the benefits of your Oracle CRM On Demand deployment with these innovative capabilities.


  • John Schmottlach (Director of Business Systems Empirix)
  • Tim Handorf(VP Product Management BigMachines)
  • David Popovich(Principal Product Manager Oracle)


Life Sciences CRM On Demand for Sales Force Effectiveness

About the session:

Oracle CRM On Demand Life Sciences Solution has provided world-class CRM for maximizing the value of customer relationships and driving superior business results. The growing demand in the market arena and the needs of pressurized Sales and Marketing departments of Pharmaceutical industry, has led to a variety of updates in the new release. To know more about these updates and add-ons and other industry trends, join the discussion on ‘Life Sciences CRM On Demand for Sales Force Effectiveness’ in the OOW-2011. 

Snapshot of the session:

To give you a brief, the session will be describing, Oracle’s strategy for competing in the new commercial environment, incorporating solutions from the Oracle portfolio such as Oracle CRM On Demand; Oracle Business Intelligence; and mobile, Web, portal, and master data management solutions. 

Our Expert’s View Point:

According to our CRM Expert Mr. Suresh, with the new R19 release, Life sciences solution has undergone a lot of modifications and added features. The result is more built-in features, less customization, and increased user adoption. 

The new features added include:

  • Smart Card planning
  • Mass Message Planning
  • Allocation
  • Medical Education Events (MedEd)
  • ContactStateLicenses 

He expects the session to talk more about these features and other updates related to the Life Sciences CRM. Going forward, he looks forward to a widespread usage of Life Sciences CRM.  

Session Details:

Date: 6th Oct, 2011 Thursday                                                                       

Time: 10:30 AM, WestinSan Francisco – Franciscan II


  • Jennifer Cain

Principal Product Manager


  • Piers Evans



To register:

If, interested you can register by clicking the following link:

For more information, please visit:

Why Not? — There Is Nothing Like Too-Much-Customer-Service

What is the height of Customer Service?

There are many examples. I found one very interesting sample in Robert Spector’s Book “Get Big Fast”. This incident is narrated by Richard Howorth, owner of Square Books, a leading bookstore in Oxford, Mississippi.

Richard Howorth(Image Courtesy:

One day, a lady entered Richard Howorth’s bookstore and started shouting. He went to her and asked calmly “Excuse Me, Is there a problem? Can I help you?”

“I parked my car outside your shop and someone has thrown dirt on it” The lady fumed. “My husband just washed it this morning.”

Richard Howorth understood the problem. It was definitely not his issue. But the customer is always right. So he offered, ‘May I wash your car?”

She agreed. They got into her car and went to the nearest service station.

Unfortunately, the car wash in that service station was broken. Richard Howorth didn’t know any other service station or car wash near by.

He thought for a minute and decided, “Let us go to my house.”


“I will personally wash your car.”

The lady was surprised and probably didn’t believe him. But that’s what Richard Howorth did. He took a bucket, detergent, water hose and washed it spot-less-clean.

Finally, they got back to his bookstore & the lady apologized to him, thanked him for this unusual ‘service’. After that she became his regular customer and recommended this book store to all her friends and relatives.

Richard Howorth used to quote this story in his training classes for young book sellers. ‘There is no such thing as going too far with customer service, and in the book business, you will have to go this far.’

True for any business, especially service businesses!

Naga Chokkanathan

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A smile on the client’s face is what we work for..

Recently, we worked on a CRM project with one of the world’s biggest banks. The project was a wonderful experience for us and the client.

This is what the client had to say about our association – “Thank you for your efforts and hard work in the current CRM Implementation. I truly appreciate your knowledge of CRMOD and the suggestions you offered during the course of solutions designing. Your support from design stage to development and implementation can never be better. I have enjoyed working with you. Your prompt response and diligence has truly benefitted us in making everything so seamless. The complexity of the requirements, coupled with the challenge of a language foreign to both you and me, can only be successfully completed within such a short span of time with the expertise you have displayed. I believe our team has also benefitted from your knowledge and your attitude of sharing. I look forward to working you again. You have been a great partner to work with.”

A smile on the client’s face is what we are working for. Everyone who worked on the project deserves a pat on the back for making it a success. Waiting for the next client feedback eagerly!