Month: August 2011

CRM++ Email Workbench: Stitching the worlds of CRM and E-mail

In today’s world the ‘Customer Satisfaction’ and experience is a key performance indicator within any business verticals. Thus, Service requests/ complaints/ grievances coming from the customers through multiple communication channels; CRM Systems, E-mail, Phone etc. needs to be administered well.

Till date the E-mail Messages sent / responses received from the customers were manually updated in CRM System by the Service Request Owner leading to unnecessary manual work and possible human errors.

Also, the new service issues from customers were to be manually converted to new Service Requests. Quick Response time is a critical factor and directly affects the end user satisfaction. This conversion was leading to a delay in response time.

CRMIT’s CRM++ Email Work Bench solution is a Web Based plug-in can now be used in place of the Outlook. This SaaS based component allows the Service Organizations to work in a single window that is the CRM System, and helps send/receive/process E-mails from the customers.

E-mails can be automatically tracked, converted as New Service Requests/ Activities, including the attachment sent along with these. CRM Users can respond to these E-mails, without leaving their CRM Screens.

Social CRM Vendors

We are collecting list of Social CRM Vendors.

Found this list at a survey we attended at:
Please add more names which may be missing here, Let us make this a complete repository of SCRM solutions:
Thomson Reuters-Hubbard one
Sword Ciboodle
Inside View
Clara Bridge
Global Park
Radian 6
Nielsen BuzzMetrics
Lithium Technolgy
Live World
Good Satisfaction
Oracle CRM On Demand
Visible Technologies
Leverage Software
Demand Media

How to download Oracle CRM On Demand Desktop – Offline Client for Oracle CRMOD R19

Step 1 – Sign-in to using SSO – If you have not yet registered with, you need to do it before proceeding.
Step 2 – Read Terms and Restrictions, Accept the Electronic Delivery Trial License Agreement and Export Restrictions, and then click Continue.
Step 3 – Media Pack Search: Search for the Oracle CRM On Demand Desktop Media Pack by selecting ‘On Demand’ Product Pack and ‘Microsoft Windows (32-bit)’ platform, and then click Go.
Step 4 – Select Oracle CRM On Demand Desktop from the search results, and then click Continue.
Step 5 – Click ‘Download’ to download the zip file containing the client installer (MSI) and customization package for Oracle CRM On Demand Desktop